B. D. Wong

B. D. Wong’s full name is Bradley Darryl or BD Wong and he was born in the year 1960. He was given the Tony Award because he performed when he was Song Liling in the M Butterfly. He played as Dr George Huang on the Law and Order in the Special Victims Unit. He was Father Ray Mukada in Oz, he was Dr John Lee on Awake and he was Dr Henry Wu on the Jurassic Park film on both and on the fourth entry. He was Ngawang Jigme in the film called Seven Years in Tibet. He has also worked on the stage acting and voice-over. He is expected to play in the Gotham where he will play as young Hugo Strange.

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From the biography of B. D. Wong, he was born in California, in the place called San Francisco.  His mother is called Roberta Christine and he is a telephone company supervisor and his father was William D Wong who is a postal worker.  He has an older brother with a younger brother. He is of Chinese ancestry and his family came from Hong Kong. He attended Lincoln High School and it is where he found out that he loves acting and he was in many school plays and decided to become an actor.

Wong was in the relationship for a long time with talent agent called Richie Jackson in the year 1988. In the 2000, they got twin sons. Boaz Dov died in 90 minutes after being born and Jackson Foo Wong.  The children were born using a surrogate mother and they used the sperm of Wong with the egg that was donated by the sister of Jackson. In 2003, Jackson has written the memoir about the experience she had about surrogacy and it was called Following Foo: The Electronic Adventure of Chestnut Man.  The two ended the relationship in the year 2004. B. D. Wong gives the resources and the time to different LGBT and other charities that are related to arts like Rosie’s Theater Kids, Materials for The Arts and Ali Forney Center.

B. D. Wong had appeared in many movies and tv shows and once he played in one man show called Herringbone where he portrayed 12 roles. He appeared in the classic Chinese called The Orphan of Zhao and it is a classic Chinese legend and it had the roots in fourth Century BC. He stopped to play in Law and Order: SVU to start playing in the NBC police drama called Awake where he plays as Dr Johnathan Lee. He is a confrontational therapist of the LAPD detective who had to live in different realities. Wong was the guest star in the in the thirteenth season of Law and Order: SUV which is known as the Father Dearest. His net worth is 8 million and fans follow him on his

 Twitter account @BD­_WONG.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 24 Oct, 1960
Age: 59 yrs
Occupations: Voice actor
Stage actor
Film actor
Television actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: San Francisco
residence: Los Angeles
Education: San Francisco State University
Gender: Male
Description: American actor
Twitter Id: Wongbd
Net Worth 2021: 8 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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