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Barbara Frum – Biography

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Barbara is a veteran Canadian journalist who was born in the year 1937, 8th September. She has acclaimed many interviews for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This veteran journalist is no more now, while she passed away in the year 1992 on 26th March.

Personal Life & Education

Barbara belongs to a Jewish family who are the residents of Niagara Falls, NY. Barbara is the eldest of the 3 kids and her father emigrated to Canada during his little age. Her mom was a native New York citizen and further travelled to Canada in the year 1935 after she got wedded. Barbara Frum grew up in Niagara Falls and in the year 1957, Barbara got wed lock with a Dentist called Murray Frum. Though her husband was a dentist, he later became a journalist and speech writer for George W. Bush.   Barbara did her graduation in History at University of Toronto and she also did her degree in BA in the year 1959. In the year 1957, Frum got wed lock with a dentist in Toronto called Murray Frum who later became a realtor. They were blessed with two kids and also they adopted an aboriginal kid as their third child. Barbara’s daughter Linda is a member of Canada Israel Committee and also she is a Canadian senator. Barbara’s son David is also a political journalist and also he is a speech writer for George Bush. Later after some years, he became a part of AIPAC after moving to the US.



Once after completing her graduation, Barbara Frum voluntarily worked in the community and started to pen as a freelancer for Toronto Star. She specialized in writing stories targeting the social issues. Later in the year 1971, Frum joined CBC Radio and she served as an iconic anchor there. She was the first anchor to present AS IT HAPPENS which is a newsmagazine program where she will conduct interviews on live with the newsmakers and other evidences too. Barbara was so intelligent and had her distinct style and presentation skills, which together brought the international viewers closer. Moreover that show became an incredible hit while it turned as the most watched program in CBC Radio. Frum hosted the show until the year 1981.

During the year 1974 and 75, Frum anchored a talk show which was the self-titled talk show. Initially the show was locally broadcasted within Toronto till the year 1975 prior moving it internationally to the CBC network. The show facilitated both personalities and interviews discussing about different subjects.


Awards & Honors

Barbara was recognized by the ACTRA – Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television & Radio Artists and she obtained the National Press Club of Canada Award for being a stupendous contributor to Canadian Journalism in the year 1975. In the year 1979, Frum was named as Order of Canada.



Barbara suffered out of chronic leukemia and she died in the year 1992 on 26th March. The disease was diagnosed in the year 1974 itself and only her close family people knew about her illness.  











Quick Facts
Birth Date: 8 Sep, 1937
Age: 82 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Radio personality
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Niagara Falls
Education: University of Toronto
Gender: Female
Description: Canadian journalist
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Last Modified: Jun 22 2020
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