Big Boi

Big Boi’s original name is Antwan André Patton. He was born on 1st February 1975. He is an American songwriter, musician, music producer, rapper and an actor. He married to Sherlita Patton in 2002. They have a daughter named Jordon and a son named cross. He also has a son called Bamboo, from his previous girlfriend. It is not confirmed if he was a loyal boyfriend. He sure did have a son out of wedlock. Big Boi and Sherlita are headed for a divorce. It is reported that she co-owns a boutique called PValentine in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia.

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His uncle is released from prison and a few of his brothers are experimenting with the hip-hop music as musicians and singers. Hip-hop does have the gangsta appeal. His political interest lies in supporting libertarian ideologies. Not all hip-hop artists take interest in politics. He has also acted in a few American Hood films like Who’s Your Caddy? He can play only the keyboard. His musical acts have been associated with Janelle Monáe, OutKast, Mary J. Blige, Purple Ribbon All-Stars, Killer Mike, Dungeon Family, etc.

His marriage lasted for 11 years. His wife ended this marriage because she thought he was gay when she found a nude photograph of his band member of his cell phone wallpaper. The reasons for cheating in weddings have also taken numerous twists. She doubted that her husband was cheating on her with a gay partner. She demanded full custody of her children, as she did not want her children to get affected by the twisted habits of their father. Big Boi is rumoredto have an affair with his band member as he was flaunting his nude pic on his cell phone.

Lives of music and hip-hop celebrities have weirdest twists and turns. A new fad has bitten many hip-hop artists. They are known to have a very erratic and explicit sexual orientation. They probably do not make good parents. What is ironic is that, they break up with their partners on the grounds of cheating with a gay partner and fight bitterly for the custody of their children. At a very young age, when children have to witness the melodrama of their parents that becomes public, they have no choice but learn to live with it. They grow up with many questions in their minds about relations. They too will follow the same suite like their parents. Celebrities’ personal lives are dysfunctional and complicated. Their children grow up in a very volatile environment where the desire for having a stable family is nullified.

Nobody seeks a councilor for his or her volatile and erratic behavior because they take pride in their own insanity. They feel that they are standing out in the crowd by performing shocking acts and doing publicity stunts but they are actually being just plain darn bad examples. Most of them take drugs, create a scene, are arrested and released and resume work. It is their way of life!

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 1 Feb, 1975
Age: 45 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Savannah
Gender: Male
Description: American rapper and record producer from Georgia; 1/2 of OutKast
Twitter Id: BigBoi
Net Worth 2021: 30 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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