Bill Klein

Bill Klein is known as an American producer and reality TV star. He is most famous for the TLC show, The Little Couple.

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Bill Klein was born on October 13th, 1974, in the town of Port Jefferson on Long Island, NY. He is the son of William Sr. and Barbara Klein. He is the oldest sibling of three brothers. He was born with skeletal dysplasia, generally known as dwarfism, Bill Klein earned a degree in Biology from New York University and embarked on a professional career in sales. After his career in sales, Bill started his first endeavor into entrepreneurship with a pet supply business called "Rocky & Maggie's". Bill's brothers are Thomas and Joseph. Thomas is now a fire chief and Joseph is a first responder, both brothers would go on to help with Hurricane Irma relief.


Bill would eventually go on to marry a girl he knew nearly his entire life. The first time he met his wife Jen was when he was only ten years old in a hospital in Baltimore. Poor Jen was there for surgery and Bill for physical therapy. Although Jen mentioned later that she had no memory of that meeting, she truly believes it happened. They lost touch soon after, both walking different paths in life.

Eventually, Klein and Jen would be reunited and after 3 years of dating married Jen. Jen worked as a neonatologist at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. There was a lot of commuting and long-distance calls between New York and Houston. Klein and his wife have no biological children. Surrogacy didn't work for them so they adopted; two children named Will and Zoey who also have dwarfism. Klein and Jen are so committed to each other to the extent that 6 years after walking down the aisle, they renewed their vows in a ceremony that took place on a beach. It was very touching and romantic when Klein got down on his knee and proposed to his wife in the presence of family and friends. It was even more special as it was in front of their two children. The ceremony was planned by Klein as a surprise to his wife. The wedding renewal was shown on TLC during an episode of their show, which enthralled the fans.

Health Issues

In 2014, Bill's beloved Jen was struggling with cancer, and it seemed hope was lost. Miraculously and after going through so much, Jen succeeded in beating cancer marking an extremely happy time for her and the family. She was turning 40 and decided to celebrate her win over cancer by spending that time with her family and loved ones at the beach, saying that this was what she loved the most.


After a failed career in sales, Bill Klein would eventually achieve success in 2009 when he became the star of his own TV show on TLC called The Little Couple which focused on the life of Klein and his wife. Bill and Jen who both have skeletal dysplasia. Bill stands at 4' while Jen stands at just 3'2". The series has aired for more than a decade. Bill and Jen starred in the episodes along with their children, William, and Zoey Klein. The series features the couple's start and documents the story of how they moved from New York to Houston after Jen finishes her masters at the University of Pittsburgh.

Bill and Jen became best selling authors and earned their reputation as authors from their book "Life is Short". Soon after, the happy couple returned to their audience with their inspiring book "Think Big". The main idea of the book can be summarized as a message to each and every person to follow their dreams and never give up or surrender, no matter what obstacles one might face. It gives people a push to stand tall and fight for what they really want in their lives.

Their book was rather astonishing since there was so much going on in both Bill and Jen's lives that it is incredible to see them achieve success not just on TV but as authors. When Bill was asked how he managed to get through it all and publish his book, he replied saying that it was important for them to get their whole story out there to their fans. He also said he wanted their kids to know what they have been through for when they grow up and how this could really help them in their own lives to know that their parents have been through the same things that they will go through. Bill hopes it will show his children how they handled it all and built their own respectful legacy.

Bill looks after the family's pet supply business which has both an e-commerce platform and brick & mortar location in Houston, Texas. He also works with companies large and small, in the area of strategic direction, sales, and operational efficiency and helping start-ups avoid pitfalls that are normally associated with being a 'start-up'.

Quick Facts
Birth Place: United States
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Actor, Reality Television Personality, Businessman
Children: 2 (Will, Zoey)
Net Worth: $2.5 Million
Birth Sign: Libra
Alma Mater: Biology from NYU
Date of Birth: 13-10-1974
Marriage Date: 2008
Height: 4 feet
Wife: Jennifer Arnold
Net Worth 2020: 2.5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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