Carnie Wilson

Who is Carnie Wilson?

Carnie Wilson is a singer and is a member of the Wilson Philips group. She is the daughter of Brian Wilson. Carnie got married to Rob Bonfiglio in 2000 and has two daughters with him. She is known for her drastic weight loss after gastric bypass surgery. Carnie even posed nude for Playbook. When asked about Rob, she said that he is loyal and trustworthy; Wilson said she had many problems regarding trustworthiness and her boyfriends. Wilson also added that optimistic character. She noted that it was love at first sight for her when she met Rob.

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She talks a lot about her weight loss, her childhood, how she tried to fit into her dress, and about her other shows. She also talks a lot about pregnancy. On the other hand, Rob is very inert to the media. Though he participated in the Celebrity Wife Swap, Rob did not share his relationship with her. There are no rumors about divorce or any other problems that might lead to divorce in the future. Therefore, we can conclude that their marital life is smooth, and they have a meager chance of separation. Carnie and Rob are said to be loyal to each other. Rob is not rumored to have any secret girlfriends, and there are no pictures on the internet of him with any other girl, who can be rumored to be his love affair. The same holds for Carnie. Thus, infidelity is ruled out.

Personal life and Career

Carnie was not known to have been married before. Her marriage with Rob is the first marital relationship for Bob. Rumors circulated that even when the times were callous, Rob and Carnie happened to be very close to each other. Though Carnie is not always seen with Rob, there are no rumors about separation. Being without rumors and other gossips is very hard to achieve in the media world. A lot of celebrities tend to hide their personal life to avoid stories. However, Carmie and Rob were very open about their personal lives and somehow managed not to have any rumors about them. There are no rumors about Carnie in terms of sexuality, former lovers, and other details.

She met Rob in 1998 and dated for a few months before they got engaged in 1999 and married the following year. There are no other details about who she dated before Rob. She said that she never decided when it came to dating lovers and did not comment about her dating life. Therefore, we can conclude that she got married to Rob and has a smooth relationship with the collected information. There are no rumors about any arguments, emotional violence, or physical violence in their domestic life that would cause problems in their relationship shortly. Rob never talked about Carnie in any interview. Rumor said that she fell for him initially and did not know how he fell for her.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 29-04-1968
Birth Place: Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 1.6 m
Husband: Rob Bonfiglio
Marriage Date: 2000
Children: 2
Net Worth: $24 Million
Nationality: American
Profession: Musician, Songwriter, Singer, TV Personality
Ethnicity: American
Birth Sign: Taurus
Marital Status: Married
T.V. Show(s): Celebrity Fit Club, Gone Country etc.
Employer: Wilson Phillips
Birth Date: 29 Apr, 1968
Age: 51 yrs
Occupations: Singer
Television actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Los Angeles
Gender: Female
Description: American singer
Net Worth 2021: 24 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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