Catherine Keener

Catherine Ann Keener is an American actress known for her roles in Being Joh Malkovich, Capote and New York.  She got married to Dermot Mulroney in 1990. She has a son with Dermont. In 2007, Dermot filed a divorce from his wife stating irreconcilable differences as the reason. They got divorced in the same year. In the next year, she introduced her next boyfriend to the public, Benicio Del Toro. They broke up after a year.

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Keener is very concerned about what she lets the public know about her. She never took a date or a wing woman to any parties. She talks about her friends, but never uses their names. When asked about her privacy to the media, she said that all the actors give out information that they want the fans to know about.When asked about her dating life, she said that one can move faster only when alone.

It was said that their separation was very smooth. She exchanged the separation papers with her husband, without any lawyers. They talked about the custody, separation of assets, payments and other details with each other and got out of the marriage.

There were no known romantic affair or long term arguments that ended the 17 year relationship. Dermot also does not talk a lot about the separation, his life with Keener and the relationship with her after the separation. He was not seen with a girlfriend immediately after the separation which rules out that option in the reason for the separation.

Keener’s relationship with Benicio is very private. She announced that she was dating him and the next year, they broke up. He went on to his next girl after a few months, but, she still remains single.

She said that it is easy for her, this way. She does not talk about the separation, break up or her son. She talks about her movies, friends and makes a lot of jokes. Benicio did not comment on why he broke up with her. There were a lot of rumors about her separation from Dermot and the relationship break up with Benicio. She never addressed any of those. The other parties involved in the rumors also did not comment. The main rumor was that Dermot knew his next lover even before he got divorced. There were rumors that his lover was the reason for the separation. He had a daughter with her in 2008, which was just a year after the separation in December 2007. He never talked about how he met her and when they met, and thus, the rumors grew bigger with time.

Neither of them commented on this rumor. Since there was no alleged pictures or cheating rumors when he was married to her, it was considered that he met her after the separation. A lot of personalities keep their personal life matters to themselves to avoid any gossips and unwanted talk around them. She says that she was married and got divorced without any dramas.


Quick Facts
Birth Date: 23 Mar, 1959
Age: 61 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Miami
Education: Monsignor Edward Pace High School
Wheaton College
Gender: Female
Description: American actor
Spouse: Dermot Mulroney[1990-2007]
Net Worth 2021: 8 million
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Last Modified: Aug 9 2020
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