Deion Sanders

Deion Luwynn Sanders is an American former football and baseball player. He currently works in NFL network as an analyst. Deion got married to his first wife, Carolyn. He has two children with her. He then married Pilar Sanders and has three children with her. He filed for a divorce from Pilar in 2011. He then denied the news and said that his marriage was not ending. After a few months, he admitted that he got separated from Pilar. In 2013, he got the custody of his sons and Pilar got his daughter. However, later, he got custody of his daughter too.

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He had signed up a prenup with her and thus, he did not pay her fees and got the custody of the kids. Pilar was having an extramarital affair with an 22 year old singer, Derrick Smith. She wanted to keep the relationship, secret and showed that she is managing his career. When Deion first filed the paper, she pleaded that she would make the relationship between them, work. However, when he filed again, he had all the required evidence to prove the sexual extramarital relationship.

A few sources say that this was his plan to avoid paying her a huge amount. Some rumors say that Pilar took the social media help to show people that her husband is falsely accusing her. It was said that he had a lot of secret girlfriends, but, couldn’t stand that fact that his wife was cheating on him. He had a sexual relationship with an 19 year old girl, a few years ago. Initially, he denied those rumors. The girl’s mother was adamant that he was having a relationship with her daughter. However, the girl, Aleea Staton said in a book that all that she did with Deion was a hug and nothing else.  Deion also presented a video which showed Pilar as an unengaged and violent mother.

When Deion was adamant about filing for separation, she dug old stories and rumors about him and complained about his infidelity, according to one source. As of today, nobody knew who cheated first. The court ruled for Deion and gave him the custody of his children. When the separation settlement was going on, she was provided with 5,500 dollars per month. However, she said that she needed to pay for Derrick’s studio and her lifestyle and demanded more. Deion was not ready to pay for his ex-wife’s boyfriend. Pilar later suggested that she has a marital property with Deion in Dallas and he was trying to hide his assets. Deion showed the documents for the property and her name was not on the deed. Deion argued that she would not use the child support money he would pay for his kids, if the custody is provided to her and also had videos of her bad parenting style.

There were also a few news about her abusive act to her stepdaughter. Her stepdaughter announced on Twitter that Pilar was a terrible partner to her father. His separation details from Carolyn are not known to public. It is assumed that he had a smooth separation from her.


Quick Facts
Birth Date: 9 Aug, 1967
Age: 52 yrs
Occupations: Baseball player
American football player
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Fort Myers
Education: North Fort Myers High School
Florida State University
Gender: Male
Twitter Id: Deionsanders
Net Worth 2021: 40 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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