Pilar Sanders

Pilar Sander is an American former model and a current female rapper. She is famous for her marriage and ugly separation from the former baseball and football player, Deion Sanders.

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Deion filed for separation from his wife in 2011 and denied the fact for a few months. Later in the same year, he announced that he got divorced. It was said that Pilar was having an affair with her secret boyfriend, Derrick Smith, a singer. She publically showed that she was managing his career and went on tours with him to have a sexual relationship. When the relationship came to the ears of her husband, he filed for a separation. She pleaded with him to make the relationship work.

He retrieved the divorce papers based on her words. She started collecting details about his previous sex relationships. The most famous one was with a 19 year old girl, Aleess Staton. She dug up all the stories and was ready for her side of the story when he filed again for the separation. She took the media’s side and said that he was the one who constantly cheated on her and when he wanted to file for separation, he did not want to give away money to his wife and framed the stories about infidelity.

On the other hand, Deion had videos and other evidences that she was having a sexual relationship with Derrick and was also a terrible and violent mother. She also abused her stepdaughter. Her stepdaughter announced in the social media that Pilar was a terrible partner to her father.

The separation settlement fight was too ugly. He paid her only 5,500 dollars per month and she said that she had to manage Derrick’s studio and her normal life and the money was not enough. Deion was not ready to pay for the career of her boyfriend. She brought the story of his girlfriend, Aleea to the argument, but, Aleea simply hugged Derrick and that the relationship had gone no further. Aleea then accused him for hiding a joint property in Dallas. Deion produced the required papers for the properties which did not have her name on the deed.

She lost the custody battle of her kids, did not get the marital house and was not paid a high alimony. She also accused that his current lover abused her in public. However, his lover, Tracy Edmond said that she just waved to her when she saw her in the parking lot. There were a lot of questions about their sex life and whether they ever had sex in front of his children. Tracy denied it.

During the custody battle, Pilar said that she would opt for an employment that would help her spend a lot of time with her kids. She blamed Deion for her not being a star. His attorney asked whether she pursued her aim of becoming a star after the separation. She said that she thinks that she is a star, now. As she did not have any steady income and there were evidences that she really did not care for her children, she was awarded only limited visitation.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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