Chris Woakes

Chris was born on 2 March 1989 and he was born in Birmingham in England. Name of Chris’s father is Roger Woakes and his mother’s name is Elaine Woakes. Chris also has a sibling and his brother’s name is David Woakes. His childhood was spend with his family in Birmingham. It is known that Chris completed his education from Barr Beacon Language College. It was reported that Chris started playing at a very young age as he wanted to be a professional cricketer and the first club he played for was Aston Manor cricket Club. Later, Chris started playing with Walmsley Cricket Club. There is no information available about the profession of his parents.

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It was in 2009 when Chris was selected for the cricket squad England. It is known that he was selected for Twenty 20 format of the cricket. During his first game in twenty – 20, Chris took 6 wickets while bowling and his batting style helped him score 131 runs. In 2011, Chris played his first match for England’s national cricket team and he played his first match against Australia. In the coming years, he got to play against many countries like India, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. His bowling action was loved by his fans and it helped him in cracking a lot of wickets. It is known that his performance had never been consistent thorough out his career.

In 2015, Chris was selected for Tri Series between India, Australia and England and it is known that he led his team to victory in the series. Later in the same year, Chris played in World Cup but his performance was not that great and it was also reported that Chris had a severe injury during one of the matches which costed him a lot of games. It took a lot of time for him to recover and it was long before he was back on the fields. He was out of form after the injury and it took him some to time to recover, later he continued his winning streak. He had to practice day and night to get back his position and he actually worked hard for it.

Talking about the statistics, he cracked 10 wickets in a test match against Pakistan and he managed to crack 5 wickets in two test matches against Pakistan. In his career, he had been awarded one Player of the Series Award and the award was given to him after his game against Pakistan. He also received two man of the match awards in One Day International Matches. One of the award was won while playing against Australia and the other one was won while playing against Sri Lanka. Chris’s annual salary is not known but it is estimated that his test fee is 12 thousand GBP. He has not gone public about his net worth either. It is estimated that he has a high net worth because of the success that he received in such a short span of time.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 2 Mar, 1989
Age: 31 yrs
Occupations: Cricketer
Citizenship: England
Birth Place: Birmingham
Gender: Male
Description: English cricketer
Net Worth 2021: 50 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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