Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy is a screen and stage actor. He was born on 25th May 1976 in Douglas. He is an Irish. His father’s name is Brendan and he is an Irish. He works at Irish Education Department. His mother teaches French. There are other members of his family who are teachers like his uncles, his aunts and his grandfather. He started writing songs and playing music at the age of ten years. The art for music also came from his family. He was raised as a Catholic. He studied at Presentation Brother’s College, which is also a Catholic School. During his education, he has been suspended several times and also got into trouble due to his misbehavior. Although he realized and changed himself. He has never been eager to get into sports. He was encouraged by his English teacher to go ahead and pursue a career in acting.

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He played guitar in various rock bands during the early 20s along with his brother. The called themselves as “The sons of Mr. Greengenes”. They got an offer of recording 5 albums with a label. However, they had to turn down the offer because his brother was still studying in secondary school. He joined UCC to study law in the year 1996. He failed in his first year because he was not much interested in law. He got his first major part in “Little Shop of Horrors” which was a drama from UCC Drama production. He started his career as a professional actor in the year 1996 Disco Pigs. After that, he intends to go back to music, but that did not happen. After that he was seen in independent movies like “On the edge”. He made appearances in short movies also. He appeared in various plays including “Much Ado about Nothing” which was from Shakespeare. He sang in the indie film version of Disco Pigs in the year 2001. His success achieved great height in the year 2002 when he appeared in the main role for the movie “28 Days Later”. His performance in the movies “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” was greatly appreciated. He was asked to give audition for the role of Batman in the above mentioned movies. However, he did not see him as a superhero so he did not go ahead with the offer. He was also nominated for various awards for the movie Batman Begins. He has starred in the movies like Inception, Edge of Love, and Breakfast on Pluto and Peacock since the year 2000. He is seen in the television series “Peaky Blinders” since 2013. The series is about a criminal gang post WW1 and he plays the lead role in the series.

He got married to his longtime girlfriend in the middle of 2004. His wife is an artist. He met her in 1996. The couple has 2 kids together. His net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. He has more than 17k followers on twitter. However, he is not very active on it.

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Last Modified : Mar 27 2016