Christiane Amanpour

The 12th day of January 1958 welcomed Christiane Amanpour in this world. She was born in London but brought up in Tehran. Amanpour is of British-Iranian ethnicity hence has fluent grab over Persian and English language. The name of her father is Mahmoud Amanpour and he is a Muslim whereas her mother’s name was Patricia who was British by ethnicity and Christian by religion. Christiane’s primary studies were completed in Tehran and later at the age of 11 she was sent to England for further studies. There she studied at the boarding school, holy Cross Convent and New Hall School, Chelmsford. The Iraq-Iran war which left a state of chaos in Iran, made Christiane parents to come to a decision of leaving for England. They finally ended up in settling in England. Amanpour did her higher studies from the University of Rhode Island with Journalism as majors.

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During her college days, she worked with WJAR and WBRU-FM situated in Rhode Island and after completing her graduation in the year 1983 CNN got her on board as an entry level desk assistant for their office at Atlanta, Georgia. She was next promoted to the post of foreign correspondent and the coverage of Iran-Iraq war turned out to be her first crucial reporting. Her other credible works include the 1989 reporting on democratic revolution in Eastern Europe and the 1986 report on the fall of European commission. Her off the league reporting impressed the higher officials and got her promoted to the CNN’s New York Bureau. Reporting from various conflict zones in the gulf region including the Bosnian War were some milestone in her career. During the Bosnian reporting she made sure that each both sides are heard equally, hence some critics alleged her of being inclined towards the views of Bosnian Muslims. In the year 1992 Amanpour was promoted to Chief International correspondent of the CNN. She also hosted an interview program names Amanpour for the network. Christiane is known for her remarkable reporting of various disturbed zones across the world. She have had interviews of various world leaders including that of third world countries like Somalia and Rwanda. She has been the recipient of Peabody award twice, once in the year 1993 and other in the year 1998. However, policy and management changes at CNN led to her ousting from the network in the year 2010. She then joined the ABC Network as an anchor of the show ‘The Week.’ The year 2011 announced a surprise for her fans when a unique arrangement in between CNN and ABC declared her to be back on her CNN show ‘Amanpour.’ Hence, currently she employed with both ABC and CNN and draws an annual salary of $2 million.

Amanpour is settled in her married life with her husband James Rubin. James is the ex US Assistant Secretary of State. They have a son named Darius John Rubin and the family is currently settled in London. Her net worth is estimated to be around 12.5 million USD.

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Last Modified : Mar 27 2016