Cindy Fitzgibbons

A veteran meteorologist for the news broadcast station NewsCenter 5, Cindy Fitzgibbons has spent more than a decade in a Boston television situation. Being employed in the same scenario for a long length of time has given her the ability to command her familiar surroundings. Currently, Fitzgibbons appears on network television for WCVB as a meteorologist. She contributes news and analysis for the popular NewsCenter5 segments such as "Eye Opener" and "Midday". Her confidence is visible as she reports the weather like a seasoned veteran. Like many of her peers, she is perceived to just be eye candy for the television audience. Fitzgibbons tries to overcome that stereotype by contributing with a clear and digestible form of communication.

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Fitzgibbons was born in Virginia but she was raised in Windham, Maine. She did not stumble onto a career in news out of nowhere. Cindy was a meteorology graduate from Lyndon State College. The effort and achievement in her studies qualified her for her future career. Her love for meteorology did not start at college though. Fitzgibbons was interested in weather and meteorology since she was a little girl. After college, Cindy started her weather career from a tiny room at the CBS affiliated network KXMB-TV. It was humble beginnings for Fitzgibbons as she plugged away at the small station located in Bismarck, North Dakota. The northeastern raised weather girl had to travel all the way to North Dakota to secure a job. North Dakota is a sparsely populated state but every state still requires a news station. Fitzgibbons ascended from the bottom and rose to where she is now.

2016 marked the culmination of a decorated career for Fitzgibbons compared to her early beginnings. In 2013, she joined WCVB which has become her home base. She also has other notable news credentials which included stints at WPTZ as a morning meteorologist and at Fox 25. While working for Fox, she was weather reporter and weekend meteorologist before converting to a morning meteorologist. Working for multiple major stations gave Fitzgibbons the experience to portray herself as a top weather reporter for hire.

In Fitzgibbons’ decade long career of weather forecasting, Fitzgibbons has seen it all. Her Fox 25 employed lasted 10 years which gave her the chance to cover numerous weather events. She is given credit for breaking the news on many major events. She is mostly known for her safe studio work but that isn’t always the case. Fitzgibbons is not afraid to leave the studio and get to where the action really is.

When the situation calls for it, Fitzgibbons is known for being a courageous on site weather reporter. Her amazing coverage has brought various intense weather events before the eyes of television viewers. She covered dangerous tornados in 2008. In the same year, she went on location to provide coverage on a vicious December ice storm. When the tropical storm named Irene hit in 2011, Fitzgibbons showed no fear as reported live from the damaged sites. Those weather events were just the most high profile ones, Fitzgibbons has been involved in many other dangerous on site reporting that does not get the same attention.

Fitzgibbons’s career accomplishments have not gone without praise and recognition. She has been a 3 time Emmy nominee. Her proudest achievement was winning the 2003 Associated Press Award for Best Weathercast. Cindy is also a proud member of both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. She is not just a piece of meat that was hired to look pretty and report what she’s told. She actually has legit qualifications and is proud to represent her membership in the weather organizations. 

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Last Modified : Mar 18 2018