Cindy Fitzgibbons

Fitzgibbons has a strong passion for education because she is so proud of her Bachelor of Science graduate degree. She wants to promote science education for young people, particularly young girls. In a society where science literacy is declining at an alarming rate, Fitzgibbons wants to reverse the tide and empower young women to fill positions that have been traditionally filled only by men. To push her movement, Fitzgibbons has been associated in various science education promoting projects such as the Discovery Museum "Smart Gals" Program, the Jr. Sci-Tech Girl STEM Expo, and the Science Club for Girls. Her advocacy doesn’t stop there though. In her spare time, Fitzgibbons visits schools located in her area and frequently educates children about the weather in an engaging way to instill the love for science in them.

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When it comes to her physical appearance and physique, Fitzgibbons is of American nationality and white ethnicity. She is considered to be a tall woman with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Fortunately for Cindy and her profession, she enjoys a sizzling slim-hourglass shaped body with body measurements 34- 26 34 inches. Her appearance combined with her top-notch delivery skills provides an attractive package for viewers. She enjoys looking good with her hair and has well-maintained wavy shoulder length hair. The rest of her appearance can be described as a distinct wide face, big smile and shapely body assets including legs, thighs and breasts. It is no doubt that she is a sexy beautiful woman. It’s no wonder, her long slender legs has attracted millions of viewers. Personality wise, she is generally described by the terms of bold and beautiful.

Even though Fitzgibbons keeps a healthy and fit appearance, she does not want to be defined by that. Being beautiful should not be the only thing that people know her by. She is proud of her work and tries to smash misconceptions by getting her feet dirty and reporting the weather from the on site locations. She is not just a pretty face, she willing to work hard to do her job.

When asked about relationship status, Fitzgibbons says she is a happily married woman. However, there aren’t many details on her personal life including name of her husband and children. As far as the public knows, the couple has two school-age children. She also keeps her finances private as her net worth is not available publicly.

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Last Modified : Mar 18 2018