Mish Michaels

Emmy Award winning Broadcast meteorologist and environment reporter turned child book author and entrepreneur, Mish Michaels may no longer be an active personality in the weather forecasting world, but she is surely keeping herself busy taking care of her family, children, business and writing interest.

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Born in Kolkata, India, Mish passion to cover weather was triggered by an atrocious F2 tornado incident that she experienced when she was in Kindergarten. If you don't know, the F2 tornado ripped through the apartment complex where kindergarten kid Mish and family lived.

Impressively, she is known for her long tenure (2002-2009) with Boston's WBZ-TV.  While there, she not only covered many famous local weather events like tornado and Hurricane.  Not only that, she visited mountains, rivers and various other important places predicting weather for WBZ-TV.

In her 20 years long weather forecasting career, she has also been associated with several other local networks such as WHDH and The Weather Channel in the past. Moreover, she also worked as a Metrological Communications professor from 1996 to 1999. Furthermore, she started her career at Boston Based WHDH as a weekend meteorologist.

Atmospheric Science graduate (Masters) from Harvard, Mish is really an inspiring personality if you try to know her better than yours tv meteorologist lens. If you may, she jumped in to the teaching world after discovering a huge gap between her education and her work as a meteorologist. In that sense, Meterological communications as a course really make sense. Doesn't it?

Listen to her on why she decided to teach.

“My undergrad degree was very theoretical, and when you’re in the working world you’re not deriving equations,” she said. “So I wanted to create a class that was the connector between those two worlds, because if you can’t communicate what it is you learned as an undergraduate, you’re not going to be employable.”

Impressively, she taught Meteorological Communications to UMASS Lowell students for a decade. In this way, she is regarded as an influential figure by the university students.

Last but not the least ,she is also known for her famous children book MS G's Shadow Road to Fame, in which her daughter Nalina has also  put effort on. Intrestingly, it took Mish 7 years to write the

In an interview, she also revealed that she is a passionate equestrian. Moreover, she also said in the interview that she loves spending time with her family, watercolor painting, travelling and hanging out with her friends.

Now moving on to her physique, her exact height is not know. Howver, we analyzed her pictures and videos and arrived to the conclusion that she has got a short height that is specukaed to be in the range of 5 feet and 2 inches to 5 feet and 5 inches. Anyway, her exact ethnicity is not known, but it is a known fact that she was born in India and has an Indian roots (Bengali). Impressively, she is someone who is described as a charming personality, and not only that people also regard high of her for managing her personal and professional life for such a long period of time. Unfortunately, we couldn't trace her body measurements. Anyway, she is a slim woman and possesses endearing smile plus a medium  length hairstyle. For sure, she looks impressive and happy for a woman who is on her 40's.

Talking about her relationship status, she is a committed woman. As per as our research, she lives in a beautiful Cambridge condo with her sports lover Armenian  husband Wes Atamian and 9 year old daugheter Nalina.

Unfortunately, her accurate net worth is not known. However, her accomplished resume and business passion suggests that she has a high net worth. Amazingly, she is also known for her own organic line of children clothing. You can visit to know more about the clothing line. You may find something interesting to purchase for sure.  

Also, you can view her official site if you are a fan. Nevertheless, you may may hear Mish's name in several of your local weather related organizations and projects. If you discover her, don't forget to thank us. Keep connected to our site to get more wiki on her.

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Last Modified : Feb 27 2016