Colleen Wolfe

Colleen Wolfe has now hit the big time as a reporter. She is a former Fox 29 reporter and she was snagged up under an NFL network that started in 2014. She will be heading west from Philadelphia to the bright lights found in Hollywood. She had graduated from Drexel and she started to work at Fox 29 in 2012. She  had officially started this new  NFL network gig on Tuesday September 2. She is an NFL fan and there is a photo gallery about her on the NFL Network as the newest talent that has to be watched, it's very detailed and entertaining.  

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Her father is a seasoned flight instructor and when she is not working, she has studied off and on to be a pilot. Her parents divorced when she was young. Her mom became a business women after the divorcee but before that she was a homemaker. We don't have a record of her date of birth but we do know she is the oldest of three. She also likes figure skating. She really enjoys music as well especially Coldplay. She is also a former sports reporter of WPHL-17 and she was based in her home town of Philadelphia. She grew up in the Philadelphia outskirts, in the city of Horsham of Pennsylvania. She joined Fox 29, in Philadelphia and she started to work as the sports reporter there. Her net worth is yet to be disclosed but is theorized to be around 500 thousand at this current time.  She is well paid at her current job and this will continue to grow. We know her nationality is documented simply as American. She is a TV host and she is yet to have any children, but there may be talk of some later on. Her ethnicity is listed as being white. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is about 31 and is considered to be about 5'9'' in height. 

When she was in the 7th grade, she cut off her hair. Despite a lot of researching on her though there is very little information about her available before she went to Drexel college after graduating high school.  She was a top student in high school and continued that into her college years. She was a corporate communications major at college. She was going to pursue business but instead went forward with broadcasting instead. This has changed in recent years though because she is now regularly active on social media including Instagram and Twitter. Her twitter account is @ColleenWolfeNFL. For Instagram it's simply colleenwolfe. She posts pictures of both her day to day life and ones from being on stage at work. Despite liking both of those she is not on or fond of Facebook. She has a website and she does not like to talk about herself in a third person since she says that it is awkward. This is true, it's much easier to let others talk about you instead. She likes to converse in a windowless studio the she does before the camera because she feels that it's slightly easier for her over all.

Quick Facts
Occupations: Journalist
Education: Drexel University
Gender: Female
Net Worth 2021: 4 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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