Courtney Hansen

Courtney Hansen is personality for the television, former model and columnist. She is an American. She was born in 1974, in Minnesota, to father Gerald John Jerry with Constance Walker Hansen. Their family was the owners of the Brainerd Raceway and she grew up near the garages and pits. This is why she is an automobile enthusiast and most of her works are devoted to the automobiles.

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When Courtney Hansen finished her school in Florida State University, she stated a corporate job in the marketing. Afterwards, she joined Travel Channel where she was hosting Jack Nickalaus pilot called Killer Golf. She was working as a fitness and fashion model and she was at the cover for Hot Rod Magazine, Muscle and Fitness with other large magazines.

The first hosting job she did was TV role is to co-host Overhaulin’. She hosted also Powerblock and Spike TV. It was composed with a four half-hour of the shows about automotive shows for at least 8 seasons. She hosted the special called Great Builds or a Spike TV. She hosted also travel adventures known as Destination Wild. She hosted Rides and Millions Dollars Motors on TLC. For the Overhaulin’ , she was not just a host but she was also helping in disassembling or assembling the cars for shows. She also worked for FHM a newspaper column known as Courtney Hansen while she is an author of The Garage Girls Guide To Everything You Need to Know about Your Car.

Courtney Hansen’s net worth is expected to be over 4 million. She made her money by hosting travel related and automotive related shows at the Fox Sports Network and Spike TV. She gets a salary by writing for the FHM magazine.

Courtney Hansen was married to Ilya Sapritsky and he was born by 1978. Her husband was born four years and later. This is something that the tabloids do not talk about too much since there is always the belief that her husband is rich and old tycoon who got married to a young actress and model. However, their marriage may ended up in divorce as it has been found out that Ilya has a problem of drug abuse. He has been in different rehabilitation centers.

Ilya became Courtney Hansen’s boyfriend from the first time they met in 2009 and it was believed that they fell in love from the first day. They got married in the private ceremony in June the same year. However, a formal wedding ceremony took place after a year in a marriage. The marriage took place in West Hollywood and London Hotel. Mindy Weiss was her wedding planner. After the marriage, they traveled to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Even if Ilya was successful in the business, Courtney was also successful in her career. They lived together in the LA, at Courtney’s home. Their marriage did not succeed and according to different people close to them, Ilya agreed that the problems in their marriage are because of his behavior and Courtney Hansen has nothing to be blamed for.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 2 Oct, 1974
Age: 45 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Minneapolis
Education: Florida State University
Gender: Female
Net Worth 2021: 4 million
Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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