Cristina Greeven

Cristina Greeven is the vice president and publishing director for Niche Media but is better known as the wife of Chris Cuomo, a CNN news anchor who was the former host of the popular show, Good Morning America.

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Cristina was born in New York and she is of German and Brazilian descent. She graduated from Cornell University. She was the founder and chief operator of a lifestyle magazine called Manhattan File. She worked on the magazine for 7 years before deciding to launch Niche Media together with Jason Binn.

In an interview, Cristina described her favorite childhood memories, “Picking mushrooms on a drizzling fall day out in the woods with my aunt Veronica and cousins Nina and Philip, visiting my relatives in Brazil and waking up to their parrots every morning, eating breakfast with my Vovo (Brazilian grandfather) and the moment he gave me a gold heart pendant, and sitting on my dad’s lap when he let me drive his 1970 Mercedes.”

Natural Beauty Products

Cristina was chosen to be a US ambassador for an international renowned line of skin products called Natura Bisse. As the ambassador, she would make appearances at US events and she would visit the spas and the labs of NB located in Spain so that she can fully embrace the vision of the company. She was chosen for this role since she relies more on healthy skin instead of relying on cosmetics to be beautiful. She has a natural beauty which is inspiring together with a beautiful family and a demanding career but she is still able to hold her head high.

As an ambassador of Natura Bisse, she has to use different products of the company and she likes different items like Inhibit Tensolift, Diamond Collection, Gel Anti-aging, DNA Mask, and bio regenerative moisturizing cream with glyco peels. To get her natural beautiful look, she cannot go anywhere without these products. She explained why she prefers her favorite Natura Bisse items, “The Inhibit-Tensolift is my favorite. I put that on a budding wrinkle at night, and in the morn it is a faint memory. I also love the Diamond collection. The DNA mask, the gel anti-aging, bio-regenerative moisturizing cream, and the glyco peels. Oh! and the eye bright really reduces my early morning bags and dark circles, which only intensify per year and per child.”

Unique Style

When asked by Fashion Blog about her favorite bag and fashion style, Cristina said, “I have this cool Brazilian ornamented bohemian bag from Tory Burch that she gave me for my birthday that I love to use every day of the summer I am out in Southampton. I am a product of the seventies so I love anything bohemian–from wide-bottomed Hudson jeans to a flowy Roberto Cavalli caftan-dress. I have these Reef flip flops in lime green I can’t seem to take off my feet either, which, when you have to run after children, becomes a uniform. I love women whose dressing style choices suit their physique like Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeild.”

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Last Modified : Oct 15 2018