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Chris Cuomo is the co-anchor for the morning show of CNN, New Day, which he anchors along with Michaela Pereira and Kate Bolduan. He was earlier with ABC serving as the chief law and justice correspondent, and the co-host of its show 20/20. In the course of his career, he has done exclusive interviews including the interview with Aaron Fisher, the first victim of football coach Jerry Sandusky, and the interview with Dharun Ravi, the Tyler Clementi trial defendant.


Christopher Charles Cuomo was born in the year 1970. He graduated from Yale University and received his Juris Doctor (law degree) from Fordham University. He is a licensed attorney and resides in Manhattan at present. He is married to Cristina and has three children, a son and two daughters. His father Mario Cuomo was a former Governor of New York state and his brother Andrew Cuomo is the current Governor of New York.


Before starting his career in journalism, Chris Cuomo practiced law and served in structured finance. He then joined Fox News Channel as analyst for political policies. He worked as correspondent for the show Fox Files at Fox News Channel and Fox Broadcast Network which specialized in airing controversial social problems. He later joined ABC News and was in charge of the weekly digital shows Focus on Faith and The Real Deal at ABC News Now, which is the network’s 24 hour news website. He also worked for CNBC and MSNBC before joining CNN as correspondent.


Chris Cuomo’s journalism career is studded with awards and recognitions. He has received many Emmy nominations and numerous other awards for his extensive and in- depth reporting style. He has received the News Emmy and was the youngest ever correspondent to receive the award. He has also been honored with the Peabody and Polk awards, and the Edward R. Murrow award. He also received the Loeb Award and the Silver Gavel Award from the American Bar Association.

The valuable and highly intensive coverage by Chris Cuomo has led to some marked changes like the amendment in card member policy by the American Express, recalling of numerous affected car models by BMW, the intervention of FDA in the case of adverse effects of Zinc in denture creams and various other socio-economic issues. He has also covered key stories from all parts of the world including war torn Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. His documentaries have been instrumental in bringing to the public’s attention the plight of homeless teens in the United States. He also exposed the effects of Heroin in the sub-urban areas.

Chris has made a mark in both his law and a journalism career. As a law practitioner, Chris was able to make headway in the Jaycee Dugard, Anthony Weiner and Stephanie Madoff cases. Chris is also the only person known to have landed an interview with Aaron Fisher, the first victim who was shamed by Coach Jerry Sandusky. Among Chris’ standout news coverage was when he covered the Aurora, the effects of the Hurricane Sandy, the results of the Newtown and on-scene coverage of the 9/11s 10th anniversary. Chris achieved all this while still working for ABC News.


Chris, being the son and brother to holders of the title “Governor of New York City,” has himself achieved professional success which seems to be running in the family. Chris’ governor affiliates rose to that position as a result of their devotion to public service. In the Cuomo’s family, personal success in life is not as valued as success in the professional fields.

Chris and Andrew are clearly their parents’ children since the two, with their current track records, exemplify professional success. Growing up with his sibling Andrew, Chris expresses the fact that his brother played the father-role assisting in raising him up. Andrew, who derives purpose from personal development, was the one who dropped Chris at Yale University.

Marriage Life

Chris has been married to Cristina Greeven for over 15 years now. Chris’ wife, Cristina works with the Gotham magazines as an editor. In their early relationship days, Chris and Cristina dated for a year and some months before they resorted to officiate their marriage in accordance with their traditions (precisely the Roman Catholic traditions).

Despite having inflexible work schedules, Chris and his wife are great parents to their children. Spending time with his children is of great importance to Chris and oftentimes, spends quality time at the lakeside fishing. To Chris, according to CNN reports, the introduction of his son into his life changed him and he endeavours to be a good parent.

Despite the couple being married for long, Chris has been rumoured to be making plans of calling it quits in the marriage. With the many years of marriage, it appears that the couple has had enough of each other and does not intend to look back on the issue. The fact that the two have three children together seems to be the only unifying factor that can salvage the marriage since it is the only thing preventing Chris’ divorce, according to reports. With no official statement from Chris or the wife, the divorce allegations seem unfounded and just a ploy by various medias to deceive the masses.

Apart from the divorce speculations making rounds, Chris has been in the middle of another controversy. This time it is with regards to his sexuality. This news have largely affected Cuomo’s marriage and has created a divide between Cuomo and his wife. To add on to the gay allegations, there have been a number of pictures of Chris that went viral solely because the journalist appears shirtless in the pictures. Chris has not come out to substantiate the speculations being made against him or even to deny the same.

The controversial but successful journalist is an asset to the CNN network seeing he is among the highest paid journalists at the organisation pocketing a salary of $2.5 million every year. With such a substantial annual income, Chris, according to 2017 reports, is said to have accumulated to himself a net worth of $7 million that enables him to provide for his family of four.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 10-08-1970
Birth Place: New York City, New York, United States
Height: 1.88 m
Wife: Cristina Greeven Cuomo
Marriage Date: 2001
Children: 3
Profession: Television journalist
Alma Mater: Yale University Fordham University
Marital Status: Married
Net Worth: $7 million
Employer: CNN
Ethnicity: White
Salary: annual salary of $2.5 million
Nationality: American
Birth Sign: Leo
T.V. Show(s): New Day, 20/20, Good Morning Anerica, Primetime
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Published : Sep 4 2013
Modified : Aug 24 2017