Kate Bolduan

Kate Bolduan, 29 is a news anchor at CNN. She is the co-host of the morning show, New Day. Bolduan is also CNN’s congressional correspondent covering the Senate and U.S. House. She reports on congressional events, legislative process, and other related events in her position as member of Capitol Hill unit of CNN.

Personal Life

Bolduan spent her childhood in Goshen area. Her father was a surgeon and Nadine, her mother was a former nurse. She has three siblings and showed interest in dancing, sports and was a cheerleader. She won the Junior Miss 2000 title in Goshen, singing show tunes in the talent search part of the competition. She was a high school salutatorian. She graduated from the George Washington University in the year 2005 in Journalism. She also indulged in stage acting and volleyball during her university studies. Bolduan is married to Michael David Gershenson. They reside in Washington D.C. now. Bolduan converted to Judaism before her marriage.

Maternity problem:

When she got pregnant, her female CNN staffers got upset after the network permanently replaced her while she was on maternity leave. Alisyn Camerota fill in for her alongside Chris Cuomo and Michaela Pereira. But the world was witnessing the terror crisis in France, CNN announced that she would be replaced by Ms. Camerota permanently.

However, reports showed that “New Day” had a ratings boost with Camerota, and Bolduan lacked chemistry with her co-anchors, still, it was expected that CNN should have waited until she returned from maternity leave before making any changes.


Kate Bolduan began her career in television journalism, when she joined as production assistant in NBC News and MSNBC in Washington D.C. She later served as general assignment reporter at WTVD-TV situated in Raleigh. She started her career at CNN in the year 2007. She was 24 years old when she was made the national correspondent at CNN Newsource that provides breaking news reports and other feature stories for over 800 CNN Newsource affiliates. She was later made congressional correspondent and the co-anchor of the show ‘The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer’. She is at present part of the three hour show New Day. Kate Bolduan will anchor State of the Race, a brand new US politics-based show on CNN International broadcasting from the network’s New York bureau.

Kate Bolduan said that has already been a hell of a race, and there is a lot yet to come. She said that every night, they will bring international audiences offering the latest news on the campaign and giving them the inside picture of what is going on inside the campaigns and what the voters are thinking.


During her career, Bolduan was involved in the controversy concerning the Supreme Court ruling on President Obama’s health care overhaul. Blitzer had on the basis of the reporting done by her, announced that the law was ousted, but the court mandate did not disturb the law and it stayed intact. CNN had amended its reporting immediately. In the year 1994, her mother was indicted in the case of reckless homicide after she killed a 9 year old girl and injured a 10 year old kid, while riding on a Jet Ski on Indiana Lake. The Bolduans had to pay over $ 1 million in settlements.

Kate Bolduan had covered all the major news events from the second trial of O.J. Simpson to the negotiations involving debt ceiling. Her anchoring job with Wolf Blitzer has further enhanced her talent. Her rise right from her graduation day to her present job at CNN has been meteoric. Her mentor at WRC Pat Collins maintains that she is highly talented and deserves her present position.

Tears on air:

She had a memorable moment when reporting a story of Omran, a Syrian boy covered in blood and dust after one of the attacks on innocent civilians in Aleppo.

When she shared the shocking footage, she reflected the emotions of millions of people as she fought back tears when she told his story on CNN. She told the viewers how his life in the Syrian capital of Aleppo witnessing a civil war is totally different from that enjoyed by most American children. Totally covered in dust as if he was a construction worker, Omran looks in q total shock. An wound on his head is shedding blood all over his face, the result of an airstrike that brought his home to the ground.

She showed the pictures and later commented on how Omran was pulled from under the remains of his home, her voice begins to crack as footage plays.

In a brief editorial interrupted by tears, she said that what strikes her is that as they shed tears, he didn't drop a single one, he was in a total shock, he was inside his home and once he was in fury of war and chaos, the images have been shared on social media, a debate has arisen over the reasons why powerful nations are neglecting the crisis.

The boy died later, not from this attack but yet from another one months later, nobody cared, nobody noticed

Racial cause:

Kate Bolduan challenged Trump's advisor about whether the their plan to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. would have stopped an American citizen like the terrorist who murdered 49 people at an Orlando nightclub over the weekend. Trump has called for a ban on Muslim immigrants after the last attack on a club in Orlando, arguing that many followers of Islam had the same thoughts of this killer. She stated that who committed this attack is a U.S. citizen, born right here in New York City. She said that instead of banning terrorists, why not ban all Muslims!!! Sarcastically speaking. She said that this guy lived here in The US, he is as an American citizen as Trump is, born in the same city, and his parents were immigrants as well, just like Trump's.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 26-07-1983
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inch
Birth Sign: Cancer
Nationality: Ameriacan
Birth Place: Goshen, Indiana
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Journalist
Employer: CNN
Net Worth: 3 million U.S dolla
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Michael David Gershenson
Marriage Date: 2010
Children: N/A
Alma Mater: George Washington University
T.V. Show(s): New Day
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Published : Sep 4 2013
Modified : Nov 10 2016