Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey is a reality show actress, entrepreneur and a model. She became famous after starring in Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is married to Peter Thomas, who is the owner of BarOne. It was said that Peter borrowed a lot of money from his wife to keep his business going and then, filed for bankruptcy. This increased the debt of Cynthia over 200 thousand dollars. It was said that he never told her about the foreclosure and the bankruptcy and she came to know about the business only through his blog. She stated that she was disappointed in not knowing the financial status of her husband, beforehand rather than finding it out through a blog.

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Peter was said to have had an affair, when he was married Cynthia. She talked about his extramarital relationship on her show. Cynthia stated that she had fibroids and Peter started to have relationships outside the marriage. During the Real Housewives of Atlanta show, she received a letter from his secret girlfriend. As per the letter, the girl’s name is Courtney and she wrote this letter because Peter started to ignore and avoid her, after the show started. She said that she met him in 2013 in one of the nightclubs in Miami. She took a picture with him along with her friends and he showed his interest in her. She initially refused, but Peter gave his number to her. When she called him, he told her that she was beautiful and asked her whether she would like to meet him. She invited him to her house. They had an intimate relationship till he was in Miami. When he left for Atlanta, he said that he would stay in touch with her. However, he never contacted her. Owing to this, she got angry and posted the letter to the show to tear off his mask.

After this letter incident, there were a lot of rumors about divorce, arguments and other problems. Cynthia and Peter refused to make any comments, initially. However, later, Cynthia talked about her fibroids and Peter’s adultery. She said that in 2011, she was diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumor in her uterus and this pushed her relationship with Peter, almost to the end. She said that if she had not undergone the surgery, he would have definitely left her. Peter agreed with her and said that he would not have able to survive in the relationship, if things were not back to normal by the surgery.

When she had the fibroids, she lost her interest in intimate relationship and Peter was fed up with her problems. He also planned to go to Venezuela with his friends where nobody knows him, to have a happy time away from Cynthia. He agreed that he cheated on her, a lot of times. However, after the surgery, the things were back to normal and their intimacy increased. There were a lot of comments from the viewers that Peter is exploiting Cynthia in a lot of ways and trying to get things done in his way, by threatening to leave her. She and Peter never commented on these rumors.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 19 Feb, 1968
Age: 52 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Tuscumbia
Gender: Female
Description: American model, reality television star and actress
Twitter Id: Cynthiabailey10
Net Worth 2021: 2.5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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