Davey Detail

Davey Detail is an acclaimed American visual artist, presently staying and working in Los Angeles, California. Detail was born in Bellevue, Washington. And he became famous in the art world when he became part of the CYRCLE which is a Los Angeles Art collective.

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Detail teamed up with other fellow artists to form the CYRCLE in the year 2010. Later, the artworks of the CYRCLE were displayed in the different art galleries of Los Angeles. Detail has to make extensive travels to different parts of Europe for the purpose of job.

Personal Life

Detail’s biography includes his marriage to American actress Rose McGowan. However, the marriage did not last for long and the duo separated. Detail’s wife Rose McGowan is an American actress, singer, film producer and director. She has played charming roles in various Hollywood drama series. Detail and Rose married in 2013 but then after sometime Rose files for divorce just after two years of marriage.

Net Worth

Detail is an acclaimed artist. His work caters around art and culture. His net worth is expected to be no less significant. But since he had remained married to a celebrity American actress Rose McGowan who is immensely popular in the Hollywood film industry, therefore during the period when Detail and Rose were married, the net worth of Detail was much more.

Media Speculations

Detail is now 42 year old, has huge online presence. Particularly after his divorce from Rose, the media seemed to be pretty interested in the news. Speculations and rumours suggest that Rose was spotted with a mystery man just before the divorce was filed.

Both rose and the mystery guy were dressed in black. And both of them have prints on their front. The new guy was wearing a pair of glasses, a hoodie with white prints. The actress, Rose McGowen had her head shaven, and she arrived at a theatre in Hollywood to attend a question answer session on women in Films.

It is understood that the couple had no children. The actress had a fortune of around $18 million. And more interestingly, she did not request any spousal support from the judge. There is no clarity on whether Detail and Rose have had an agreement on marriage. But the court documents suggest that they have already reached a settlement. Detail proposed to Rose and the couple got married in October, 2013.

Detail, as an artist

As an artist, Davey detail is very popular. Much of his art works are displayed in the CYRCLE art collective. These items are adored by art lovers across the word. Davey has to make extensive travels as a professional artist. He is active in the different social networking websites, have numerous fans and followers who admires him, his art. He keeps in touch with these individuals, often taking suggestions to make improvements in his work. Davey got married to his long time girl friend Rose McGowen, an eminent Hollywood personality but unfortunately the marriage did not last long and the couple decided to call it off. They did not have children and it is understood that Rose has filed a petition for divorce wherein she has not requested for any aid from her spouse after the split.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 2 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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