David Spade

David Wayne Spade is a professional American actor, stand-up comedian, writer, dancer, musician as well as a famous TV personality who is currently 51 years old. He was born on the 22nd of July back in 1964. His home town is Birmingham which is located in the state of Michigan in the United States of America. He’s one of the beloved comedians in Hollywood and he’s got a variety of roles on the big screen and even more in TV series to show for it.

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Early years and education

David was born in a family in which his mother – Judith, was a person of the arts. She was a writer and an editor of a magazine. However, his father – Wayne, he was more of the businessman kind. He was a sales representative. David had two brothers – Bryan and Andy and they both began working in the marketing area. However, from young age David has always had a passion for acting and this went on to become the main drive behind his impressive career.

When he was four years old, his family relocated to the state of Arizona in the town of Scottsdale. Her parents divorced and he and his brothers were mainly raised by Judith. David went to the Saguaro High School and would afterwards attend the Community College of Scottsdale. He later transferred to the State University of Arizona and he got his diploma in business back in 1986. Spade’s acting talent exhibited when he started performing stand-up comedy in his university.

Professional career

Spade has an impressive career and he has tons of appearances. As far as his TV career goes, it’s safe to say that he’s had great success. He played C. J. Barnes in the 8 Simple Rules series and Russell Dunbar in Rules of Engagement. The last part he got for 6 whole seasons and he was nominated for Teen Choice Award for Comedy. He also appeared in two episodes as Talc Munson in The Spoils of Babylon and he’s got a variety of stand-up comedy specials such as the David Spade: My Fake Problems.

He is also recognized as one of the best comedy actors in Hollywood and he’s got a lot of movies to show for it. He was part of both the Grown Ups movies which were a total hit. He starred alongside famous actors like Adam Sandler. He played the role of Marcus Higgins in those movies. He’s got a variety of other impressive performances and his career success got him an approximate net worth of about $40 million.

Personal Life

David has also been famous for his spot on 5 feet 5 inches height. He never complains about it and he says it’s an important asset. Reportedly Spade is not married but he does have a kid – his daughter Harper, born back in 2008. Her mother is Jillian Grace – a Playmate. Interestingly enough, back in 2012, Spade was announced dead on the Internet. The news traveled like wild fire and thousands of fans began to send their condolences over the social media. However, soon enough Spade confirmed that he’s in fact – alive, and that he was the victim of a hoax.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 22 Jul, 1964
Age: 55 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Birmingham
Education: Arizona State University
Scottsdale Community College
Gender: Male
Description: American stand-up comedian
Twitter Id: DavidSpade
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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