Debbie Higgins

Debbie Higgins McCall is known for being the ex wife of famous American television personality and celebrity, Dr. Phil.

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Marriage to Dr. Phil

Debbie is the first wife of Dr. Phil and she was an ex-cheerleader in her younger days. They got married in the year 1970 in the Southridge Presbyterian Church of Roeland Park. Dr. Phil’s full name is Phillip C McGraw and he is famous for being a TV psychologist who was made famous by Oprah. Oprah gave him her stamp of approval which shot up his fame because of her millions of fans that follow her advice.

His daytime show is known to be among the most successful shows on the television market now. The show features Dr. Phil as he provides therapy and advice to quarreling siblings or boyfriends who have a roaming eye which angers their girlfriends.

Dr. Phil and Debbie both were from Kansas City. Dr. Phil spent more than 10 years there, when he was playing football. He was a member of the Class of 68 when he went to Shawnee Mission North High school. During his time there, he was working as a part time worker at the Hallmark Cards company. Debbie Higgins was known to be cute, vivacious and a homecoming queen who had a million dollar smile. When Dr. Phil was a newcomer to the school, he spoke and some kids made fun of him because of his sounding like a hick. He sounded like a dumb farmer boy but Debbie still fell in love with him because he seemed to have a nice big heart.

Debbie Higgins said that it was his father who wanted to keep his eye on Dr. Phil while doing an internship in the psychology field. His father was very strict and did not want his son to fall to lower standards. He knew what his son was capable of and did not want him to forget about how much potential he had.

Debbie Higgins got married to Dr. Phil when the two were 20 years old. Even if Dr. Phil was known to be nice as a boyfriend, he changed after getting married and wanted her to lift weights so that she can continue to look nice. He was not very nice when it came to her physical image. He was insecure and did not want people to see him with an unattractive woman.

The Betrayal of a Cheating Husband

In an interview with Newsweek, Dr. Phil and Debbie spoke about their failed marriage. Dr. Phil was positive when he initially recalled how they met, “I was the big football player, and she was the cheerleader. This was just the next thing to do. It just didn’t work out.” He didn’t elaborate on his end on why the marriage failed but Debbie was open to sharing her side. She said that he had a domineering personality that would cause her to feel like a tightly coiled spring. She would feel wound up every time that they would interact. She agreed that it was fine in the beginning but as the days went on, she felt more and more stressed. It wasn’t until the end of their marriage, that she was finally released from her mental prison.

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Last Modified : Dec 24 2018