Don Omar

William Omar Landron Rivera or Don Omar is an American singer, actor, recorder and songwriter. He is also known by his nickname, El Rey. He married his wife, Jackie Guerrido in 2008. There were a lot of rumors about them getting separated after two years of marriage. Don announced in 2011, on Twitter that he got divorced from Jackie. He was known to have an affair with two women, Ambar and Natti Natasha.

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Natti denied the rumors and said that Don was not her boyfriend and he was like a father to her. Amber also said that she was offended that people think that when a man and woman work together, they would obviously have a relationship. She said that Don is a good teacher. Don never accepted or denied these rumors about him. Even after the girls denied the rumors, he did not comment on them.

Jackie received 3.7 million dollars as  the divorce settlement. Don was more visibly wrecked than Jackie. He once said that he was not angry with her as his heart was clean. He said that his romance with her was like a fairy tale, but the marital relationship did not work. In 2007, he and Jackie got engaged and there were rumors that he got her pregnant. In 2009, there were rumors about problems in their life and he denied them and said would sue the people who spread the rumors for defamation. The rumors became true when he tweeted that he was not afraid to be alone.

In 2011, it was rumored that Jackie was the reason for the separation of Ana Reguera and Jorge Ramos. A few months before the separation, Don threatened her via Twitter that he would disrespect her if he does not hear from her and get things back to normal within 3 days. Jackie said that her lawyers would handle the situation.

Jackie never talked about why she got separated from her husband. The sources near them stated that they knew the relationship would not last for long. The main reason, according all the sources was her secret relationship with Jorge Ramos, when she was married. Both, Jackie and Don denied this rumor. After the separation from Don and Ramos’s separation they were not seen together and thus, the infidelity was considered to be a rumor. In December 2013, he was seen with a mystery woman during his tours and she was considered to be his girlfriend. He never announced about his decision to get into a relationship again. He did not reveal her name or other details, but, sources confirm that things are pretty serious between them. The girl did not reveal her to the media and talked about her life with him, too.

Don and Jackie did not have a child and thus, the problem of child custody did not arise. It was also said that the separation was smooth. Though Jackie requested for a huge amount, he did not argue and provided the settlement. It was said that Don was more emotional wrecked than her, when the separation was finalized. The other details about the separation settlement are not known.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 10 Feb, 1978
Age: 42 yrs
Occupations: Singer
Citizenship: Puerto Rico
Birth Place: San Juan
Gender: Male
Description: Puerto Rican reggaeton singer and actor
Spouse: Jackie Guerrido[2008-2011]
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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