Dorinda Clark-Cole

Dorinda Clark was born on 19th October 1957 in Michigan. She has been into singing since her childhood. Her sisters Denise, Jacky, Karen and Karen. They all sing well. The sisters used to sing in their father’s church and their mother used to compose the songs. Dorinda was called as “jazzy sister” out of the group. She developed a “The Clark Sound” which had riffs, runs, soulful growls and melisma. According to Dorinda, her singing style is attributed to her mother. Her mother noticed her singing at an early age. She has spent her childhood working on the familial harmonies.

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Her solo debut was named after her “Dorinda Clark-Cole” in the year 2002. It was released on Zomba Label Group. She was awarded with 2 stellar awards and also the award for Best Gospel Artist. In 2005, her second album named as “The Rose of Gospel” was released. It achieved 5th position as Billboard. She was nominated for Grammy Awards in the category “Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album”. She won the stellar award in the year 2007 and 2009 for this album. She won the Stellar award for Best Female Artist in the years 2007 and 2009. Her third album was also released by the same label in the year 2008 and it was named as “Take it Back”. In the same year, during the month of September, she released an album of six songs with the name “In the Face of Change”. The lyrics of one of the song from album were written by her son.Her next album was released in 2011 with the title “I Survived”. The songs “Back to you” and “He Brought me” from the album were great hits. This album contains a song which she sang with her sister. Her album “Living It” was sold by Walmart exclusively. Currently she is hosting the show “Dorinda Show”. She is hosting a national radio program named as “Serving Up Soul with Dorinda Clark Cole”. She founded “Lifeline Productions Inc” which organizes an annual conference of singers and musicians. The Mt. Carmel Theological Seminary of Fresno honored her with the doctorate of Divinity in the year 2004.

They have a school named as “Clark Conservatory of Music” which was founded by her mother. They teach piano, organ and voice.

Her husband’s name is Elder Gregory Cole. They have 2 kids: Gregory Jr and Nikkia Cole-Beach. He daughter is married Deon Beach Sr. and they have a son who was born in the month of March of 2011. She ministers internationally also like in Japan, Germany, England etc… She is also a staple in “Church of God in Christ”. She is also a state mother at assistant level in “Michigan North Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction”. Along with that, she is an Assistant Elect Lady of the Evangelism department of Church of God in Christ. She has also been an instructor as well as an administrator at “Clark Conservatory of Music”. The ringtones of her songs are also available in iTunes.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 19 Oct, 1957
Age: 62 yrs
Occupations: Singer
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Detroit
Gender: Female
Description: American singer
Net Worth 2021: 9 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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