Eri Fukatsu

Published : Jun 1 2017 | Modified : Jun 1 2017

This is an actress with a lot of talent and she was able to bring it out at the right time and place. Being a famous actress, Eri was also a great singer. Actress Eri Fukatsu was born on January 11th, in 1973 in Oita, Oita Prefecture, Japan. Her father was recruited as an engineer. On the other hand, her mother used to work as a calligrapher and her name was Yumiko Fukatsu. Eri had made debut on screen at the age of 13, where she had won the Miss Harajuku Grand Prix, which was held with glamour and pomp in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighbourhood. In her initial days of her career, in the entertainment industry, Fukatsu used to work as a singer using the names of Rie Takahara and Rie Mizuhara. Later, she started using her own name on screen. Her present age is of 44 years.


In the year 1988, her on screen debut was adapted from the film “Toma no Shinzo”, that was given the title as “Summer Vacation” 1999. She also provided her voice as narratives for the Japanese television programs based on “World Heritage Sites”. Eri appeared  in Bayside Shakedown as Sumire Onda. She had won, at the 34th Montreal World Film Festival, the Best Actress Award for the film “Villain” by Lee Sand-il, co-starred with Satoshi Tsumabuki. Fukatsu was also casted in Koki Mitani’s “Once in a Blue Moon”. The other noteworthy movies in which Eri appeared were Stay Gold, Haru, Birthday Present, Manatsu no Chikyu “Birthday Present, The Magic Hour, Manastu no Kuchizuke, Space Travelers and many more.


Fukatsu achieved a lot of awards throughout her career which added more stars to her biography. In 1990, she won the 13th Japan Academy Prize in the category of the “Newcomers of the Year” for “Mangetsu no Kuchizuke”. For the film “Haru” she won the 18th Yokohama Film Festival Award and 20th Japan Academy Award both in the category of the Best Actress, in 1997. She had also won the award of Best Actress in 5th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (2002), 16th Japanese Movie Critics Awards (2007), 34th Montreal World Film Festival (2010), 35th Japan Academy Prize (2012), 89th Kinema Junpo Awards (2016), 30th Takasaki Film Festival (2016). She won the award for the best supporting actress in 22nd Japan Academy Prize (1999), 28th Hochi Film Award (2003) and 27th Japan Academy Prize (2004).

Eri fukatsu has instagram as well as twitter (@EriFukatsuNet) accounts for her followers to view her on web. Fans can also follow her posts on Tumblr. Net worth of the actress is not found on the internet.

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