Frank Lucas

Short Biography

Frank Lucas was known as a former gangster and drug kingpin. He was most famous for the film that was made about his drug career, "American Gangster" which had popular actor, Denzel Washington portraying him.

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Frank Lucas was born on September 9, 1930, in La Grange, North Carolina, Frank Lucas experienced childhood in Greensboro, North Carolina during the struggle of the Great Depression. Numerous Americans in the country South were poor, however, most African-Americans endured the most profound hardships.

Lucas spent quite a bit of his initial youth years caring for his more youthful siblings and getting into inconvenient trouble. He had stated that the one occurrence that started his life of wrongdoing was seeing the homicide of his cousin. He was just six years of age when five members of the Ku Klux Klan, covered in sheets and hoods, appeared one night at the shack where he was living. The men executed Lucas' 13-year-old cousin on the spot, asserting he had taken a gander at a white lady in an inappropriate manner.


Lucas wanted to be rich because of all the financial troubles he had growing up. Lucas understood that to assume control over his city, he was expected to break the syndication of the Italian Mafia. His thought was to sidestep the Mafia's heroin exchange in Harlem, and go legitimately to the source of the medication.

By 1968, the Vietnam War had been seething for quite a while. It was known that the U.S administration workforce had been introduced to various unlawful medications, including heroin. When they returned to the States with their addictions, they searched for new sources. By the late 1960s and mid-1970s, dope was wild in most huge American urban communities. Lucas realized he could fulfill this need and make a robust benefit on the off chance that he could get the medications legitimately from the source. He chose to go to Southeast Asia.

Wife & Children

Lucas' wife was former Puerto Rican homecoming queen Julianna Farrait. She went through five years in jail for participating in his drug operation. Once Farrait escaped jail, the couple was split for a long time however got back together in 2006.

Among his seven children, Lucas' little girl, Francine Lucas-Sinclair was the most notable. She propelled the company, Yellow Brick Roads, a place of refuge for children of imprisoned guardians.

In May 2019, Frank Lucas passed away due to natural causes.

Net worth

According to, his estimated net worth was $500 thousand at the time of his death.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 9 Sep, 1930
Age: 89 yrs
Occupations: Drug lord
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: La Grange
Gender: Male
Description: American mobster
Net Worth 2020: 500 thousand
Net Worth 2021: 12 million
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Last Modified: Jun 29 2020
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