Gemma Ward

Born in Western Australia, Perth, on the third of November 1987, Gemma Ward is the daughter of Gary Ward and Claire. Gary Ward is a doctor by profession and Claire a nurse. Gemma Ward had an innate passion for acting right from the early childhood, and she could look beyond acting as her career. Her biography reveals her love for and seriousness for acting, and she never missed a chance where she was asked to act. She had acted in school plays and developed an unconditional love for acting. But, the destiny had something different in her store, and she became a popular model, though she acted as well it can be said that she has earned popularity because her being a top rated model. She acted in movies like The Black Balloon, The Strangers and also the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

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Modeling was never on her mind, and her only passion was acting, then how she turned towards acting is rather a very interesting story. How she turned to the modeling can be better understood from her words alone and she has talked about her modeling career in her interview with the Teen Vogue. She related that some people from industry recruiting models came to her farm and convinced her parents to give necessary permission to her daughter to go for modelling and this she recalls is how it all began. Now she was exposed to the camera and slowly she became more and more confident and in the end became an established model.

Actually it was during her visit, when she accompanied her friends, to a competition for models called Search for a Supermodel, in which her power as a model was revealed and it got immediately recognized. She was particularly selected and hence her modelling career was set into motion. It was equally surprising to her friends as it was to her that she became a popular model and those who were actually desirous to become models and whom Ward accompanied became nothing. It was the perfect play of fate and she got only what was better for him.

After dating Heath Ledger, Ward got involved in a relationship with Heath and they used to spend some time with each other. They began to know each other more closely and were in Perth together celebrating Christmas. Though, not formally married but they used to spend time with each other. After Christmas when Heath was back to New York, he died there in 2008. They were not married and as such Ward moved on in his life and found David Letts who later on became the father of her daughter. He became a close associate and both developed a relationship that of a husband and wife. As a result of this, Ward and David Letts became mother and father respectively, of a baby girl. Ward and her husband are now parents of a girl and they are quite content with it. As a model, she very famous and has established herself as a supermodel.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 3 Nov, 1987
Age: 32 yrs
Occupations: Model
Film actor
Citizenship: Australia
Birth Place: Perth
Education: Shenton College
Gender: Female
Description: Australian model and actress
Net Worth 2021: 6 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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