George Lucas 

George Lucas full name George Walton Lucas, Jr was born on 14 may 1944 in California, USA. He was very interested in cars since a very young age. Lucas wanted to be a race car driver and so he has made up his mind. He used to race cars at the junior level and wanted to do something big in the field. His father owned a ranch and sold office supplies for a living. Just days before his high school graduation he was involved in a fatal crash that left him bruised and in shock. This incident changed his life forever as he now started thinking in a way more responsible way. it was at this point that he developed an interest in camera and filmmaking.

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He later got admission into University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. He learned arts of filmmaking with some of the very well-known personalities such as Steven Spielberg who later became one of the best directors in the industry.

His first movie was THX 1138 which couldn't do well at the box office and was declared a flop. This, however, did not shake Lucas's confidence as he made another movie called the American Graffiti with Ron Howards and Harrison Ford in 1973. This movie was a very big hit at the box office and was equally liked by the critics all over. This movie which was made wth a budget of $780,000 grossed $100 million dollars at the box office. The success did not just stop here as the movie was nominated for 5 academy awards in different categories. This success inspired Lucas to create another sci-fi movie which is now considered one of the greatest movies ever made called Star Wars. This movie was a sci-fi having unmatched graphics and storyline at the time of its release. This movie was made with $11 million budget and it grossed around $550 million. Calling it a blockbuster would be an understatement as it broke all the records at the time and till date, it is considered the among the best movies ever made. Lucas made two sequels of the movie in 1980 and 1983 which were as successful as the first one.

He later moved to his another project called Indiana Jones which was a story about an adventure played by Harrison ford. This series has been very liked by people all across the globe. He revisited Star wars in the 1999 but couldn't live up to the high expectation that he had already made. He has now taken leave from movies and currently there is no news o another movie from him.

Lucas has been married to Mellody Hobson since January 2013, before that Marcia Griffin was her wife but they divorced got a divorce due to some unknown reasons. He has four children of which three have been adopted by him. He is also active in charity and has founded an institute for education deprived children called George Lucas Educational Foundation. His net worth is $4.6 billion dollar. His biography can be read on Wikipedia.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 14 May, 1944
Age: 75 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Modesto
residence: Marin County
Gender: Male
Description: American film producer and director
Spouse: Mellody Hobson [M. 2013]
Marcia Lucas[1969-1983]
Net Worth 2021: 7.1 billion
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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