Hailie Jade

Hailie Jade Scott, also known as Hailie Jade, is the daughter of Eminem and Kimberly "Kim" Scott.

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Her parents struggled to make ends meet and give her a good upbringing before Eminem became one of the biggest stars in the music industry. Her father progressively rose to prominence in the late 1990s. Despite her financial prosperity, Hailie had a difficult childhood due to her parents' tumultuous relationship. Her father's early compositions, including 'Hailie's Song' and 'Mockingbird,' had references to her, which brought her to public recognition for the first time.

Background and Early Life

Hailie was born in Detroit, Michigan, on December 25, 1995. Four years later, in 1999, her parents married, only to divorce the following year. Eminem and Kim remarried in January 2006, but he filed for divorce again in April. Hailey grew up with her maternal aunt Dawn's daughter, Alaina Marie, and Whitney, Kim's daughter from a previous relationship. Eminem took both Alaina Marie and Whitney under his wing.

She was raised in a chaotic household. After she was born, her parents divorced for a long time before reconciling. Kim was arrested and charged with cocaine possession in 2001, but she was found not guilty. Two years later, she was charged with felony cocaine possession, driving while suspended, and reckless driving near a stopped emergency vehicle. She was sentenced to 30 days in prison, this time for violating her probation. Eminem released the song "Bad Husband" in 2017, in which he apologized to Kim for the agony he had caused her.

Hailie attended Chippewa Valley High School in Michigan, where she was a member of the National Honor Society and played volleyball, unlike many other home-schooled celebrity children. According to various accounts, Summa Cum Laude enrolled at Michigan State University after graduating from Summa Cum Laude, pursuing a degree in either psychology or entrepreneurship.

Rise to Prominence

Despite being the kid of a celebrity, Hailie had a relatively typical childhood when she was little. After the release of 'Hailie's Song' in 2002, however, things began to shift. The song portrayed the story of Eminem's pure happiness after gaining custody of his daughter.

'Mockingbird,' a song from 2004, was also about her. This song has a very different tone than 'Hailie's Song.' In 'Mockingbird,' Eminem expresses guilt for not being present for his daughter and tries desperately to reassure her that he and Kim love her despite the distance created by circumstances.

She has been addressed in his songs numerous times since then, from 'When I'm Gone (2005) through 'Castle' (2017) and 'Arose' (2017), and she remains the essential influence for his music.

Eminem and Kim

Marshall and Kim fought a few months after Marshall divorced Kim, which resulted in Kim attempting to obtain a restraining order. Marshall was only starting his career at the time, so he decided to write a couple of songs about Kim, including '97 Bonnie & Clyde and Kim, both of which mention Hailie (albeit less in the latter). Marshall ran into legal trouble with Kim shortly after being arrested for punching bouncer John Guerrera for kissing his wife, as she sued for slander over the song "Kim." Hailie and Marshall were unable to see each other as a result of the proposed lawsuit. The lawsuit was eventually settled, and Marshall penned Hailie's Song to commemorate the return of his daughter. Kim and Marshall eventually remarried and agreed to share custody of Hailie.

She also holds the record for being the youngest performer in My Dad's Gone Crazy song, which she sang at six in August 2002.

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Last Modified: Oct 25 2021
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