Hal Lindsey

Hal Lindsey is known as an American evangelist and writer. He is most famous for books that claimed the rapture would happen in the 1980s. Hal Lindsey was born on November 23, 1929, in Houston, Texas. Hal's parents are Daisy Lee Freeman and Percy Lacy Lindsey. Hal gave his life to Christ in 1955 at the age of 26 after an incredible experience called "help from an unseen hand." Before his conversion, Hal didn't consider himself to be a very moral person despite his frequent visits to church. In his search for Christ, he was baptized on three different occasions at three other churches. After each baptism, he was disappointed that he still seemed to be the same Hal before getting baptized.

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Hal soon forgot about Jesus after his third baptism. However, grace found him again during the Korean War when he got a job in New Orleans at the Coast Guard. One day, Hal decided to sail across the Mississippi River without adequate safety measures on his ship. There was no radar or signal alarm which made it difficult for him to navigate. Hal almost lost his life in an accident with another boat when an unseen force which he later believed to be the hand of God, directed him to turn swiftly in a safer direction. This experience got Hal thinking again about the benefit of serving God.

His ordeal made him receptive to a friend's advice about meeting a pastor who lived at the docks. Even though Reverend Robert Thieme wasn't within his immediate area, Hal still made efforts to see him. It was after he met with the preacher that Hal gave his life entirely to God. This appeared to be the turning point in Hal's life. Hal soon went to Dallas Theological Seminary to study the existence of God. He graduated with a Master of Theology Degree and specialized in the New Testament. While on campus, he joined other groups to minister the gospel. His experience in school as a preacher was a stepping stone for his call into pastoral work at the Tetelestai Christian Center in Torrance, California.


Hal has been married four times in his life. After the fifth printing of his 1974 book titled There's a New World Coming, Hal replaced his first wife's picture with Jan, his second wife, whom he described as his best pal. Jan and Hal had three daughters. The image and description were removed in the updated edition of the same book in 1984 after their divorce. In the year 2000, Lindsey's book titled Planet Earth carried the picture of Kim, Hal's third wife. Kim did not last long, even though she was up to 25 years younger than Hal.

Hal soon found his fourth wife at the Tetelestai Christian Center. Contact with her was inevitable as the two frequently met in bible study classes where Jolyn Lindsey sat under Hal's tutelage. Updated and revised editions of his old books have his fourth wife's picture on them.

Career/house and Net Worth

Hal is always pleased to let people know that he regrets choosing to devote his life to religion as a writer and an evangelist. Some of his famous books include The Late Great Planet Earth (1970), The Road to Holocaust (1989), There Is a New World Coming (1973, 1984), Apocalypse Code (1997), The Final Battle (1995), Satan Is Alive and Here on Planet Earth (1972), Blood Moon (a novel of 1996), and Combat Faith (1999). People call him the Jeremiah of his generation because of his inspirational biblical prophecies. Hal is one of the wealthiest evangelists of this generation, with a net worth of over forty-two million US dollars.

Christians often purchase his books to translate into modern words as the Bible. Some followers choose to read the Bible and get their interpretation of what God is trying to say. Others prefer to read books by current pastors like Hal because the information is more relatable. Hal will even give financial advice in his books as if they were a message from God.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 23-11-1929
T.V. Show(s): The Hal Lindsey Report
Birth Place: Houston, Texas, United States
Alma Mater: Dallas Theological Seminary, University of Houston
Profession: Writer, Miscellaneous Crew
Net Worth: 42 million dollars.
Nationality: American
Birth Sign: Sagittarius
Ethnicity: Not available
Wife: JoLyn Lindsey
Height: Married
Marital Status: Married
Birth Date: 23 Nov, 1929
Age: 90 yrs
Occupations: Preacher
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Houston
Education: University of Houston
Gender: Male
Description: American evangelist and Christian writer
Net Worth 2020: 5 million
Net Worth 2021: 2 million
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Last Modified: Jan 8 2024
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