Heather Unruh

Heather was born around the mid sixties. Her hometown is in St. Louis, Missouri. She was raised in Stockton, California in the United States.

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She went to New Castle, Indiana to pursue a higher education. During her time attending the university, she worked as an intern for the Boston’s News Center. In 1989, she finished her career at the DePauw University. She went to work as a news anchor at WCVB Channel 5. This channel, based in Needham, Massachusetts is associated with Hearst Television, Television broadcasting company; both are part of Hearst Company. Her work included the broadcast of medical reports. Her work paired her with ABC News’ reporter Timothy Johnson.

Apart from her work at the Needham channel, she also worked for KFOR-TV. Her job in this Oklahoma City channel was that of a medical reporter and anchor. While she was working there, she received much deserved recognition for her job, she was honored and rewarded by the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters and the Regional Associated Press for her medical reporting.

The Anchorwoman:

In the beginning of the 90’s, she moved to Binghamton, New York and there she started to work for two television stations, WMGC-TV, an affiliate of ABC, and WBNG-TV, a channel affiliated with CBS. She also worked for the Atlanta, Georgia television channel, WVEU-TV.

She went to work as an anchor, eye Opener, and became News Center 5 medical reporter for the station based in Boston WCVB-TV. She started her work there in 2001. Four years later, her program on cancer patient, Karen Grant, gave her praise and recognition as she received the Sword of Hope Award from American Cancer Society. That program also got her nominated for an Emmy Award. She also covered the London Bombings of July of that year. Before that, she covered important news such as the 2001 resignation of roman catholic Cardinal Bernard Francis Law, 2003 Station nightclub fire, and the Iraq War, an armed conflict that started the same year. Her yearly salary is 300 million dollars.


Her work has earned her recognition and she has also been rewarded for it. She is a five time Emmy award winner and Clarion award winner of Women in Communications. Apart from this, she has also been recognized for her work as a reporter with the Grand Gracie award of American Women in Radio and television.


In 2013 she co-founded the nonprofit organization, SWEAR, initials for Stand With Everyone Against Rape. She hopes with this organization to expand awareness and education in regards to rape. With that in mind, she started to give classes in various schools starting at the Dover Sherborn Regional High School. Apart from this, she also serves in the Regional Board Director of the American Heart Association. She is also a member of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Alongside with that she has been a contributor of St. Jude Children’s Research Center and the Boston Medical Center


She is a married woman. With her husband, Nick Little, they have raised two children, a son, Will, and a daughter, Kyla. The four of them are living in Dover, Delaware until they move to New England.

hings you didn't know about Heather:

When Heather was a school student, she was in love with English and Philosophy. The first job that she got as a teenager of only fifteen years, was on Nantucket where she worked in Young's cycle shop. The first concert that she has ever been to was Van Halen and that happened in the late 1970's. Whenever Boston comes to her mind, she always thinks about autumn and how it makes her feel although Heather mentioned that winter was her favorite season in the whole year and that it is the time where she can spend her time skiing with her family. One of the impressive things about Heather is that she is a master clam-baker, she even says that it is her family specialty.

Heather loves her family. Whenever she is not working, she dedicates all that time to just being with family and spending some quality time with them as they are what she holds dearest in the world. The first car that she ever drove was a white VW Bug. However, the first car that she owned was a fire engine red Jeep CJ7. She said that after her first Jeep, she became attached to Jeeps ever since and has just changed to a Wrangler a couple of years ago. Heather's favorite food that she can never survive without is cheese and chocolate. She is a huge dog person, although her favorite pet when she was a kid was a siamese cat that she called baby Kitty. She loves listening to Pink. The spot that came to be her favorite in all Boston is the Beacon Hill.

Moreover, her favorite ice-cream is the classic Klondike bar, she said that she loves it so much and so do her kids, so it is one of her lucky days if she can grab one. She is a huge Pats fan and her favorite TV show is Seinfield. In addition to this, she described the time when she went to the Vatican to cover up the story about the elevation of Sean O'Malley to cardinal as one of the most memorable, amazing and spiritual moments of her entire life and that it was such a privilege and honor for her to be part of that. What was even more likely to be one of the most memorable moments of her life was that time when she got the chance to witness with her own eyes an entire operation of a heart transplant from a donor to a recipient.

She came to mention that this particular moment changed her whole perspective of the way she viewed human beings and all living things. One of the facts that brought Heather's audience to tears is the time when she revealed that the person that she wanted to interview most in the world was her late father. She said that since he passed, she always keeps regretting that she never sat with a camera, interviewed him and asked him a million question.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 28 Jun, 1978
Age: 41 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: St. Louis
Education: DePauw University
Gender: Female
Description: American journalist
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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