Jenny Harrison

Harrison is a British national born in the year 1972 in Stratford-on-Avon, England. Harrison was very much interested in music and theatre during her early years. She has performed a few times and worked initially with Royal Shakespeare Company named ‘The Dillon’. She was the lead clarinet player in two orchestras and has toured many countries. She is also skilled in artworks and glassworks. Many of her creations have been displayed at galleries in England, which showed her skill within the art community.

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Before starting her career in journalism, Harrison worked at organizations like Boots plc. She was employed as group product manager and also worked for several blue chip retailers in England for the product and development department. She then moved on to television broadcasting. She joined the UK Weather Network when it was launched in the year 1996. She was also working at HTV Wales at that time presenting special features as well as several lifestyle shows. She then moved on to other networks like HTV West, Carlton Central, Anglia Television, Meridian, and ITV network. Working all over here birth country, she has become a well known figure within the TV community and was a perfect choice to branch to more global ventures within the United States of America. She joined CNN in the year 1999, and was then in charge of the weather report at CNN, with the many shows it had to offer.

Jenny Harrison has also worked at many regional historical societies, where she presented the informational data relevant to the regions involved. At present, she is with the three hour news program at CNN. She has been with CNN in the capacity of meteorologist for over a decade anchoring the weather reports on daily basis. She frequently adds special segments in her weather forecasts that add interest to the program. One of her added special segments includes the story back in August of 2013, Harrison reported on the new Google glasses app developed at CNN that will display breaking news in the field view. The app was also equipped to submit video and images with the help of iReport from CNN. She is part of the group called International TV Professionals, a Portugal based company founded in 1994 that helps its members share ideas, experiences and marketing ideas within the TV community. Special forcasts for certain events have been covered by Jenny Harrison including the forecast for the Queen of Englands Diamond Jubilee.

She now also is Director of a global communications company specializing in media related training for corporate and private clients, based in The Cotswolds in the United Kingdom. The team there is full of experts within the communication fields on the global level that try to maximize the force of a clients’ message that they want to get across. The team has a mix of business and media focused experts that try to focus and treat each client as their own entity, showcasing their brand and purpose for the global stage. They do training at various locations and even can do the work on-site as needed whether it be in the UK or anywhere worldwide. Jenny’s skill and years of expertise within the media field has given her the skill level and knowledge to help many other businesses with such media communication needs. Her skill in public speaking was powerful enough for her to want to give her talent to others. The presentation skills needed in current corporation environments is high and very important at gaining the trust in the viewer or fellow business contacts. They tailor there training for each client, trying to bring out the hidden potential that each client can give. The skillset will be evaluated and then a custom program of learning will be administered to get the job done. Areas often include the message, structure, presentation style, delivery, vocal presence and body language. Jenny’s years of talent helps guide the teaching and program structure for each unique client requirements.

Quick Facts
Profession: Weather anchor
Date of Birth: She was born in 1972
Nationality: English
Employer: CNN
Birth Date: 1 Jan, 1949
Age: 71 yrs
Occupations: Mathematician
University teacher
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Atlanta
Education: University of Warwick
University of Alabama
Gender: Female
Description: American mathematician
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jun 22 2020
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