Paula Hancocks

Who is Paula Hancocks?

Paula Hancocks is known as an English broadcast journalist. She is most famous for her work on CNN.

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Background and Age

Paula Hancocks grew up in Monmouth, South Wales. She studied at the University of Wales in Cardiff where she completed her post-graduate degree in Broadcast Journalism. She also studied at the University of Durham where she graduated in French and Italian.

Career and Net Worth

Paula Hancocks started her career at CNN in the year 1997. She worked initially as a production assistant. She later joined the London bureau of CNN where she served as the international correspondent. While working at the London bureau, she reported on the aftermath of the Iraq War, the Istanbul bombings, and the bomb attacks in London. She then served for a short period in Jerusalem covering breaking news in Israel, Lebanon, and the surrounding region.

Hancocks is a tenacious and highly skilled journalist who has worked at CNN for over a decade. Her exemplary accomplishments and excellent track record of delivering breaking news of international importance have made her one of the most sought after journalists in the international news arena.

She has covered the political intricacies in the war-torn and sensitive regions of the world effectively. Hancocks has covered breaking global news like the 2004 Asian Tsunami, the 2005 Pakistani earthquake, the war-torn Afghanistan region, the attack on Yeongpyeong Island by North Korea, the devastating outbreak of the foot and mouth disease in Korea, and the rescue of the Somali ship hijacked by pirates in the Arabian Sea.

She was the first international reporter to reach the tsunami-affected area in Japan in 2011. She had reported on the Gaza War in 2008, the Israel Lebanon conflict, and the smuggling of arms into the Gaza strip when she was based in Jerusalem.

She also moved to South Korea to cover the news from Seoul. Hancocks has covered some of the most significant events in the Asian region like the victory of Aung San Suu Kyi in the Myanmar Parliamentary elections, the deadly floods in South Korea, the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s first public speech, and the death of Kim Jong II, the former North Korean Leader. Hancocks has reported from some of the remotest parts of Western Indonesia covering the effects of the 2004 tsunami.

When the overwhelming Typhoon Haiyan hit in the Philippines, Hancocks was on board the first plane to land in Tacloban and was the main global journalist to report live starting from the earliest stage. CNN's coverage of the event was perceived by the Royal Television Society winning the Best International News Coverage grant. Hancocks was part of the team that won the Alfred L. DuPont –Columbia award for reporting on the Asian Tsunami of 2004. Her team also won the Edward Murrow Award for covering the 2006 Israel Hezbollah conflict.

Paula Hancocks does not have a net worth valuation that is available to the public.

Marriage, Husband, and Kids

Paula Hancocks has not revealed public information about her private and personal relationships.

Quick Facts
Profession: Journalism
Salary: She has not revealed it yet
Nationality: Australian
Employer: CNN
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Last Modified: Jun 23 2021
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