Jim Cramer

Cramer is an American television personality and the host of CNBC's Mad Money. He is an author, co-founder of, and a former hedge fund manager. He grew up in the Wyndmoor neighborhood of Philadelphia.

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Cramer hosts the renowned show on CNBC, Mad Money, which started in 2005. He was a commentator on CNBC in the 1990s. He also hosted a radio show called Jim Cramer's real money.


He was born to Jewish parents in Pennsylvania on February 10, 1955, and he started selling ice cream during the Philadelphia Phillies games. His parents were hardworking and creative. His mother was an artist, and his father established a company that manufactured wrapping paper, boxes, and bags. He graduated with a B. A. in government from Harvard and started his work in journalism in college itself.

Investment journey:

Cramer started his investment journey while in law school; he was also promoting his stock picks. It took six months to get back on his feet before he made his way to Goldman Sachs. His record-making good stock picks were the main reason he got a job with Goldman Sachs as a broker. After his graduation, he worked in some entry-level positions related to reporting. He is at the Tallahassee Democrat and the Herald-Examiner as a journalist. He used to cover everything from sports to homicide. Then, he moved to New York to help start American Lawyer magazine. Cramer claimed that his worth is $50 to $100 million. His earnings from were $461,276. He also manages a Charitable Trust portfolio related to is through a subscription called action alerts.

He promoted his holdings, and famous people like Martin Peretz gave up to $500,000 to him for investing in the stock market. His success in the stock market gave him a chance to start his hedge fund called Cramer & Co. in 1987. Early investments came from his Harvard school friends and Michael Steinhardt, a hedge fund pioneer. He says that there is always a bull market, and he can help you to find it.


In 2007, there was a controversy when Cramer explained the methods followed by hedge fund owners to change the stock prices. He also explained how he could make quick money by planning an activity. He stated that what he does is legal but what was going on in the hedge-fund industry was illegal.

He quoted that" in the hedge fund market, it's important not to do something very truthful, the truth is very different from one's view. It becomes integral to make a new truth to create a fiction". He was the owner and significant partner in Cramer Berkowitz, and it is a hedge fund in which 24% annual compounded he assured return rate. This was after deducting all fees of 15 years. He finished this hedge fund in 2001 when he reported a return of 36% on his own money.

On March 2, 2009, when Cramer attacked President Obama's spending strategies and how he handled the banking crisis, in a White House conference, he mentioned that he is responsible for "the biggest wealth destruction he has ever witnessed by a president." The White House shot back by saying that he has always been making comments on the economy and are only a comment.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 10-02-1955
Birth Place: Wyndmoor, Springfield Township, Pennsylvania, United States
Height: 1.68 m
Ex. Wife: Karen Backfisch-Olufsen
Wife: Lisa Cadette Detwiler
Marital Status: Married
Divorced Date: 2009
Marriage Date: 2015
Alma Mater: Harvard University
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Profession: Journalist, TV Personality, Presenter, Lawyer
T.V. Show(s): Mad Money
Ethnicity: Jewish
Nationality: American
Children: Cece Cramer, Emma Cramer
Net Worth: $100 million
Birth Date: 10 Feb, 1955
Age: 65 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Wyndmoor
residence: Summit
Education: La vagancia
Gender: Male
Description: Stockbroker, television personality, author
Twitter Id: Jimcramer
Net Worth 2021: 150 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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