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Marjorie Bridges-Woods was born on October 10, 1974 in the United States. Her birth name was Marjorie Bridges. The name Woods came as a result of one of her marriages. She is mostly known for being Steve Harvey’s wife. He is well known for his TV and radio shows. He is also a comedian and a best-seller author.Before Marjorie and Steve got married, they were both married to someone else twice. Prior to their marriage, Marriage had three children: Morgan, Jason and Lori. They all bear Steve’s name, Harvey. Marjorie and Steve took their final step in their relationship in June 2007, when they decided to have a wedding. The ceremony took place in an exotic place, in Maui.

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Marjorie and Steve Harvey

The two of them met in Memphis for the first time in a comedy club where Steve used to have a show. This meeting was more than 20 years ago. During this time they both had other relationships. Steve was married two times before with Marcia (1980-1994) and Mary Lee (1996-2005). With his first wife he had three children: Karli, Brandi and Broderick. His second wife gave birth to a boy in 1997. They named him Wynton.

The couple is very much in love. As a proof, Steve adopted Marjorie’s children, and acts like they are his own. He said that his wife had a major role in his life, in becoming a better person. She was the reason why he turned to a reformed life.

In 2016 Steve Harvey was the host of 2016 Miss Universe contest. Unfortunately for his career he did a mistake and confused the contestants, crowning the wrong person. After this incident, the media turned against the host, and he was publicly accused. However, his wife stood by his side, and confessed that he is a human, and humans are submitted to mistake. It could happen to anyone. She said that beside this incident, his hosting performance was outstanding.

Fashion blogger

Marjorie is well known for her beauty, and even though she is 42 years old, for her, age is just a number. She is very into fashion, and is the owner of a fashion blog called The Lady Loves Couture. It is a blog where she offers beauty and style tips for a large number of women. Her fans talk about her exquisite style and her fashion taste. She is also great at giving tips on how to be styled but within a budget.


Except for the fact that she is Steve Harvey’s wife, she likes to keep her life private. She thinks that a woman should stay beside her husband when he may not be on top of his game, and whatever happens in a person’s personal life should remain private. This is one of the reasons she did not release to the public information about her net worth.

She constantly posts updates on Twitter and Instagram about her and the interesting things she comes across but she does not use them in order to reveal personal information to the public. She uses social media to keep in touch with her fans and as an extent to her fashion blog.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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