John Malkovich

John Malkovich full name John Gavin Malkovich was born was in 1953 and he is a fashion designer, director, producer and actor in America.  His career is over 30 years and he had appeared in at least 70 motion movies. He was nominated for the Academy Award for his play in the Line of Fire and in the Places of Heart. He appeared in other movies like Warm Bodies, Burn After Reading, Being John Malkovich, Red, Dangerous liaisons, Of Mice and Men,  The Killing Fields and Empire of the Sun.

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John Malkovich was born in Illinois; his father was the state conservation director and a publisher for the outdoor Illinois which was a conservation magazine.  His mother was the owner of Benton Evening News and Outdoor Illinois.  He has three sisters with a brother.

John Malkovich got married to Glenne Headly in 1982 but they divorced in 1988 and the reason for their divorce was his involvement with Michelle Pfeiffer.  He became a boyfriend to Nicoletta Peyran who he met in the production of The Sheltering Sky.  The couple has two children together, Loewy and Amandine.

John Malkovich speaks well French and for 10 years he worked and lived in Southern France.  However, he had to leave the city because of the dispute over the taxes in 2003 and from that time up to know he lives in Massachusetts.  He still goes to France especially in summer.  He lost money in a Ponzi scheme of Bernard Madoff.

When John Malkovich was still young, he did not have an easy life because most of the time their parents were away and they had to take care of themselves.  When he was young, he was overweight and his brother liked to tease him about it. He lost 70 pounds when he was 16 and he achieved this by eating only Jell-0

His parents wanted to see him as becoming a park ranger but he enrolled in the Illinois State University when his then girlfriend, encouraged him to try out some acting. He become interested with acting at once and he left school in 1976 and joined Steppenwolf Theater and one of his friends was the founder.  To be able to keep the food on the table, he took up many jobs and did some hard work.  He said that he picked up the weeds, he did gardening, painted house, drove a school bus and worked in office supply store.

John Malkovich has a net worth of 45 million and most of this money came from acting salary in different movies. He played in more than 70 movies.  He got nominated twice for Academy Award Nomination. He appeared in Lennie character in 1992 and for his role Mice and Men where he got nominated for an Oscar. He was a member of a folk rock musical trio and a local summer comedy and theater. He majored in Theater and he appeared in 3 movies that got the nomination of Best Picture Oscar.  These movies are Dangerous liaisons, Places in the Heart and The Killing Fields.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 9 Dec, 1953
Age: 66 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Christopher
residence: Cambridge
Education: Illinois State University
Eastern Illinois University
Gender: Male
Description: American actor, film producer and film director
Twitter Id: Johnmalkovich
Spouse: Glenne Headly[1982-1988]
Net Worth 2021: 25 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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