Joy Behar

Joy Behar was born in the year 1942 in Brooklyn and she has made many appearances in different movies and TV shows. She is a television personality, a writer, comedienne and an actress.  She is a co-host for The View which is being broadcasted at ABC.

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She was interested in the field from the time she was still young and she did BA in the Sociology and the M.A of English. When she was younger, she did a job as an English teacher and she was interested in becoming a standup comedian in the year 1980.  She started her career at the NBC. She did appear in different programs like Good Morning America and The New Show.  She worked also in the Baby Room which was broadcasted by NBC. She is the host of the talk show on a radio of WABC. She has grown in the popularity in few years when she got the job of hosting WABC’s talks show.  When she was the host of the AC, she won the Daytime Emmy Award together with her co-hosts.

From her biography, she was on Larry King Live, a CNN program and she was given a job of hosting The Joy Behar Show in 2009. The program became a hit and also the 2nd highest rated show for the entire network. She hosted Joy Behar: Say anything. Besides having the best hosting abilities, she also made a name for her acting. She played in different theaters and was the author of Joy Shtick published in the year 1999. She appeared in the movie called Hall Pass where she played Dr Lucy.

She is now over 71 years and she is still involved actively in the sector. While she was till young, she was considered to be hottest TV personalities. She has sexy and hot legs and she captivated different people during that time. When it comes to her height, it is 5 feet and 6 inch. She has the best body measurements up to now.  She is of Italian ancestry and she is able to speak Italian language fluently. She was married and her husband was John Behar but within 16 years after the wedding, they divorced.  They had a daughter called Eve and she gave birth to her grandson Luca. After sometime after the divorce, she was involved with Steve Janowitz and after a long period of their relationship, she became his wife in the year 2011.

She is now the most popular TV personnel in any channel and her half life was spent in the sector. She has a net worth of over 8 million and her annual salary is 500 thousand dollars.  She likes to be with the children too much and she stays in contact with her followers on twitter.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 7 Oct, 1942
Age: 77 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Brooklyn
Education: Stony Brook University
Queens College
Gender: Female
Description: US comedian, writer and actress
Twitter Id: JoyVBehar
Net Worth 2021: 30 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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