Krik Frost

Published : Dec 21 2016 | Modified : Dec 21 2016

KrikForst is a singer rapper and entrepreneur He is married to Rasheeda since 1999 He is infamous for his family dramas including an incest rumor
Krik Frost is a rapper, songwriter and singer. But, he is very famous for his role in a reality TV show, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. He is also the owner of D-LO Entertainment.

Personal life

He married his girlfriend Rasheeda in 1999. Rasheeda is also a rapper and songwriter. He has two sons with her. He has four other children whom he fathered during previous relationships. In total, he has six kids and also several grandchildren as of now. Krik had been married before and there are no details to who his first wife was and why the marriage ended.

In 2012, in the show, his daughter from a previous marriage stated that her father used to have romantic relationships with her. It is said that Krik had relationships with his own biological daughter for five years. Later, his daughter retracted her statement saying that what she said was a lie. Both Krik and Rasheeda denied this news too. Yet, this incest rumor took wings and there were a lot of stories that were formed based on this. There are no details to how his first wife reacted to this rumor. She did not come up to the media with her comment either.

There is also a rumor that he and Rasheeda were together since she was 15 years old. It was said that Rasheeda’s mother was a drug addict and she did not take any step to stop this relationship that her teenage daughter had with Krik when he was 23 years. Neither of them denied this information. Thus, it is assumed that Rasheeda was a minor when she had a romantic relationship with Krik.

Rasheeda and Krik are together for about 15 years and there are rumors that they are in a middle of a major marital fight. It is said that Krik was seen engaged in an on-camera infidelity. It said that he also urged Rasheeda to abort their unborn child. He also urged her to abort the child on national TV. Though some say that these are just dramas to keep up the rating from the reality show, it is said that their marriage is still on rocks. Neither of them has announced their marital problems to the media yet.

There are no details to whether the couple is planning to talk it out or try to deal with it in a court based scenario. Rasheeda was never a part of any extra marital rumor. The only boyfriend that she ever since her teenage, was her husband.


His first platinum selling single, Shorty Swing My Way has reached thousands of listeners. He owns a company that sells his singles and also manages his wife’s works. His songs were also placed in many TV shows like CSI Miami, Lincoln’s Heights, MTV’s Cribs and many others. His net worth is 600 million dollars. He gets $25,000 for attending each episode in the reality show and also $50,000 for the reunion show. The couple had made $5 million through the show. By the end of season four, he was paid 650 thousand dollars for the whole season with no regards to the number of episodes he had been in.

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