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Published : Dec 10 2016 | Modified : Dec 10 2016

Beautiful and sensational Rachelle Wilkosis an American lady. Who is well- known American Television producer. She is wife of well-known American Television personality named “Steve Wilkos”. She started her career as senior producer. As a senior producer she produced “The Jerry Springer Show” and now she is working as executive producer on “The Steve Wilkos show”.

Early years

Beautiful Rachelle Wilkos is now 45 years old. An American producer was born on 11th of January 1971. Her birth place is Michigan. She is the daughter of well-known lady who is a famous hair dresser of kids and also a founder of an organization “Wigs 4 Kids” who works for kids wigs who are suffering from Carcinomas and loss their hairs. In 1989 Wilkosdid her graduation from High School named “Lake Shore”. The school was situated in Michigan. She also attended Wayne State University. Her major subject was Journalism.

Marital life

Rachelle Wilkos is a married woman. Who is living her married life happily with her husband Steve and two adorable kids: Ruby a daughter and Jack a son. The happy family is residing in Connecticut.


Rachelle Wilkos majored in Journalism. She started her career as intern in 1994. She started her career from morning show which was on aired from local television. The name of morning show was “Company”. Then she promoted as associated producer in the same local television. She got chance to became senior produce on The Jerry Show and she immediately left her previous job.

The Jerry Springer Show

Rachelle Wilkos immediately left the post of associate producer as she got post of Executive producer of “The Springer Show”. The show had 25 seasons. The show was hosted by “Jerry Springer”. The show first season was on-aired in 1991. The show is super hit and its 25th season was started on 17th September 2015.

The Steve Wilkos Show

Rachelle Wilkos is now working as executive producer on “The Steve Wilkos Show”. It was a talk show like Jerry Springer. The show was hosted by “Steve Wilkos” the husband of Rachelle. The show was started in 2009. 42 minutes show is extremely good and entertaining. 1200 episodes and 10 seasons of the show leave irremovable memories on viewers. In 2014 it was announced for the viewers of the show that show will be soon started and lasted till 2018.

Rachelle Wilkos a famous personality and a producer of American television. She is a wife of well-known American personality Steve Wilkos. She did her graduation in Journalism and adopted her line as television personality. She started her television career as intern in local television program Company. Immediately she got promotion as associate producer in same local television. She resigned from there and became a senior producer on “The Jerry Show”. Soon after that she became an executive producer of her own talk show “The Steve Show” which was hosted by her own husband Steve. The show gained great popularity. In 2014 it was announced that the show will resume shortly with great changes. Rachelle is still enjoying her professional as well as personal life.

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