Kris Bryant

Published : Mar 12 2017 | Modified : Mar 12 2017

Kris Bryant was born in the year 1992 and he is a professional player in Major League Baseball and he plays as a third basemen and an outfielder of Chicago Cubs. He studied at University of San Diego and he was playing at a college baseball level and in Toreros. He won Golden Spikes award and Dick Howser Trophy in 2013. He was chosen as number two for MLB draft of 2013 and he became among the top prospects in the baseball. He made his debut in the major league in 2015 and he was World Series for Cubs in 2016. He became the National League Most Valuable Player for that year.

From his biography, Kris Bryant attended Bonanza High school of Las Vegas in Nevada and he was playing in the varsity Baseball team for the four years. His stats were .418 batting average, 47 career home runs, 103 hits and .958 slugging percentage. He also played in American Legion Baseball and he got named to be USA Today All-USA baseball first team. Toronto Blue Jays chose him at the 18th round in Major League Baseball Draft of 2010. However, he did not sign but enrolled in University of San Diego where he wanted to play at a college baseball level in San Diego Toreros Baseball Team.

Kris Bryant became the salutatorian of his high school and he agreed to give the role to a classmate when he found out that she wanted it badly. While in college, he was studying biology but afterwards, he switched to do finance. Mike, his father was playing in Minor league baseball in Boston Red Sox organization. He had a patio furniture store but afterwards, he sold the store so that he can get the job that will help him in coaching Kris Bryant.

Together with the fellow baseball players Joey Gallo and Bryce Harper, they grew up together in the city of Las Vegas and they started to play the baseball together at the age of nine. Harper and Bryant friendly competition had been displayed in the year 2015, when they decided to greet one another while playing in Washington National and this had never been done in Major Leagues.

Kris Bryant got married to Jessica Delp in 2017. His wife has been his girlfriend from the time they were 16 and they grew up together in Las Vegas. During their wedding, Anthony Rizzo, Bryant teammate also became his groomsman.

Kris Bryant signed a one year contract with Chicago Cubs and it was worth 652,000 dollars and the guaranteed salary was 652,000 dollars. His current net worth is estimated to be more than 10 million dollars. Once he thought he was in commercial, while in reality he was being pranked by Greg Maddux, a hall of famer. More information about him can be accessed on his baseball’s fangraphs page.

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