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Lauren Green initially joined the Fox News Channel in 1996. Being a correspondent for Fox News automatically put her in a box when it came to the general audience. Fox News is seen as a channel that sides with conservative America. Small government, traditional values, and religious rights are some of the biggest issues that conservatives like to champion. Commentary coming from Fox News almost always aligns with the views of Christians and Catholics. Most of the anchors cater to their audience which is rural America most of the time. Lauren Green is exactly the prototypical anchor that Fox News likes to hire in order to connect with their key demographics.

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In her role with Fox News, Lauren has interviewed people from the world of music like Pierre Boulez, Placido Domingo, and Joshua Bell. It was fitting that she would be asked by the network to interview musicians because of her background in music. It made the interview subjects more comfortable knowing that their interviewer was familiar with the world that they came from. Lauren probably also relished the fact that she could pick the brain of artists that she admired and could pick up some musical tips from.

Being a Fox News correspondent leaves her vulnerable for controversy because of the reputation that Fox News has. Fox News is known for stirring controversy by creating a division among groups in America. They have even been accused of creating fake news to force an agenda. After Lauren Green conducted an interview with the famous scholar Reza Aslan, she was hit with a lot of criticism for her line of questions. Aslan at that time was endorsing his new book: Zealot. This book was written about the life of Jesus Christ. Green asked Reza about his former faith in Islam. She wanted to know a former Muslim would be interested in writing a book on Jesus Christ. Aslan respectfully replied by saying that he just had an interest in the Jesus Christ topic from a scholarly point of view.

Lauren did not let Aslan off the hook with that answer. During the end of the interview with Aslan, Green told Aslan that he had a bias as he did not disclose his faith in Christianity while writing about the topic in the book and in his other public interviews. Aslan answered and defended himself by claiming that her accusation was wrong. He stated in his book that there was a mention of him being a Muslim. He referred to the many other print and television interviews where the same question came up and he answered with the mention in his book. Lauren admitted that she had not read the book. Lauren was exposed as trying to push an agenda without checking all the details. This interview was criticized by the public and media for being one of the most embarrassing interviews in the history of the Fox News channel.

In 2004, Lauren decided to take a risk and released her own album called "Classic Beauty”. Her wonderful piano playing style has been appreciated by many music lovers around the country. Although her primary job is being a journalist, she is considered by many to have amazing talent in the field of music.

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 30 Jun, 1958
Age: 61 yrs
Occupations: Pianist
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Minneapolis
Education: University of Minnesota
Medill School of Journalism
Gender: Female
Description: American musician
Net Worth 2020: 2 million
Net Worth 2021: 2 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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