HOW OLD IS Laurie Metcalf

Laurie Metcalf is 65 years and 7 month(s) old. She was born in 16 Jun, 1955. Laurie Metcalf was born on 16th June 16, 1955. She is a famous American performer, possibly most extensively recognized for her enactment as TV roles as Carolyn Bigsby on the famous serial, ‘Desperate Housewives’ and has also had a series with Jackie Harris in the sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’. She brings out vivacity in each role which she plays and this has brought her millions of fans. She enacts the voice of Mrs. Davis in the famed movie Toy Story series and the act Debbie Salt in Scream 2 and Debbie Loomis as well as parts in such methodically much admired films as Making Mr. Right, JFK, and Mistress. Metcalf regularly works in Chicago Theater, where she is well known for her presentation on the 1983 revival of Lanford Wilson's composition Balm in Gilead. She has also seen in advertisements, mostly for organizations which assist children, around the world. She is involved in many philanthropic activities as well and believes that every person should donate to charity.

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Last Modified : Jan 16 2021

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