Lena Gieseke 

Following the success of "2012", Lena Gieseke went into 2010 working on the German TV movie, "Westflug - Entführung aus Liebe", where she again worked in research and development of the Scanline VFX for the movie. Later that year, she worked on the film, "Otto's Eleven", another German movie that appears to be parodying the "Ocean's Eleven" movie, as part of the research and development team.

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The following year would be her last year in the film industry. The first movie she worked on that year was "Vicky and the Treasure of the Gods", again as a member of the research and development team for the Scanline VFX. Following this, she worked on "Hotel Lux" as a pipeline td for the Scanline VFX. She would also retain a similar role in the next movie, "Immortals". Finally, the last film under her belt, was the movie "When Santa Fell to Earth", a German Christmas movie that was met with lukewarm reception. Her role in the last film was as it was with the previous two, working as pipeline td for the Scanline VFX. In total, she would work on four films in 2011, and is accredited to 11 movies in total, spanning the 2008 to 2011 era.

From that point on, much of her life is a mystery. Her claim to fame mostly centered around her time spent with the world-renowned Tim Burton, and despite a brief stint in the spotlight with her works in the film industry, not much else is known about her. Lena Gieseke remains quiet and private on the social media front, and she has not released any information on her net worth (though she is thought to live a quiet yet luxurious lifestyle, having Tim Burton as an ex-husband, and 11 film credits, among other possible private ventures).

Currently, Lena works in photography, having come full circle in her career, in the German store – Popcorn Shop – in Berlin, Germany. Her website,, features information and work that suggests that work on the website halted in 2011, likely coinciding with her retirement from the film industry. Her latest works include photographs made with a 3D technique, inspired by the artwork of Pablo Picasso.

Her works are also featured on a tumblr blog, at, which is full of abstract works by Gieseke. The last work that was featured on her tumblr blog was from August 29, 2015, and is the last known trace of public work she has on the Internet, that is available for public consumption. It is thought she has reclusively shirked her public appearances again in lieu of a private lifestyle.

The last known bit of information known on Lena is that she has changed her last name from Gieseke to her second husband's last name – Guimont. The two are purported to have two children together, and currently enjoy a peaceful life away from the public eye.

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