Leroy Hood

Leroy was born on 10 October 1938 under the zodiac sign of Libra. He was born in Missoula in Montana. There is no information available about his parents of his sibling but it is known that he completed his graduation from California Institute of Technology and he later went to Johns Hopkin School of Medicine to complete his Masters. After completing a master in 1964, Leroy did a doctorate from Caltech and he completed his Ph.D. in 1968.

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It is known that Leroy laid the technical foundation for genomics. Genomics is basically the study of genomes. Leroy also worked in the field of proteomics and proteomics is nothing but the study of protein. Leroy basically developed the scientific instruments which later helped in the study of these fields. The name of the instruments he developed is the protein sequencer, the DNA synthesizer, the protein synthesizer, the ink jet DNA synthesizer and also the DNA sequences. These developments later helped the scientists in understanding the sequence of amino acids.

It is known that Leroy leads to a revolution in biology with the development of these instruments. Had he not been there, the field of biology would not have evolved so much. The DNA sequencer is known to help scientists in sequencing the DNA. The main use of ink jet DNA synthesizer is that it helps in creating the arrays of DNA with modified gene fragments. He later sold the technology to Agilent Technologies for the purpose of commercialization.

As per the information available, Leroy also contributed in the field of immunology. For his contribution in immunology, he was honored with Lasker Award in the year 1987. Leroy was also honored with the Nobel Prize for his work.

In 1992, he started working with Bill Gates and at the time he was given an opportunity to work at University of Washington. At the university, he was known to be the chairman of Molecular Biotechnology Department and the department was founded by him.

Later in 2000, he also founded Institute of System Biology. Leroy also conducted various studies on cancer and he mainly used system biology to deal with all the issues. He believed in 3 P of medicines. 3 P signifies predictive, preventive and personalized.

As per the theory, the modern medicine would be more predictive and it will be made with an objective of preventing disease. He also said that the modern medicine will be personalized from person to person as the medicine may have a different effect on every person. He strongly suggested that the medicine of cancer should be personalized.

As mentioned earlier, there is very little information available about Leroy and there is no information available about his wife and children either. It is also not known if he is married or not. The domain for his website is It is possible to contact him via email through his website. Neither is there any information about his annual salary and nor is there any information about his total net worth.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 10 Oct, 1938
Age: 81 yrs
Occupations: Biologist
University teacher
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Missoula
Education: California Institute of Technology
Johns Hopkins University
Gender: Male
Description: American biologist
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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