Lisanne Falk 

Lisanne Falk was born in the year 1965. She is American actress and also a film producer. She did play a role in Heathers which is a Black comedy and she was Heather McNamara together with Winona Ryder. She was a model as a young person and was working for Ford Modeling Agency where she was with Brooke Shields. She became well known when she played an upset woman in the restroom of the men at the cover of Foreigner’s album in Head Games. She had a book where her modeling work had been featured and it is called Lisanne: A Young Model. The book is a series of Jill Krementz and they also included A Very Young Rider and A very Young Dancer. Her book followed her day to day activities when she was working in the division of children with Ford Modeling Agency in the city of New York. She graduated in Long Beach high school in Lido Beach, in New York and it was when she was 16 years old in 1981.

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From her biography, Lisanne Falk is married to Mark Morris from 1999. During the opening sequence for Heathers, she had to wear a wig since she had cut her hair and it was short. It means that she would look odd with her character since she had long hair in the entire film.

Lisanne Falk is beautiful and has not established herself as an actress only but she is also a film producer. She was born and raised in the city of Long Beach in the state of California in United States. Her husband is a person who is well known in films since he is a producer. They live happy together and they enjoy everything about their married life. They did not get any child up to now.

Lisanne Falk wanted to be actress from the early age and she had been able to do many things since the day she started her acting career in 1980s. Her first job was in Born Beautiful where she was a model. Afterwards, she was in European-Only EP violated and he played Judy Engele’s role. She appeared also in I Love N.Y, Mood and Heathers among others.

Heathers is a movie which has politically incorrect and shocking violence for teen and it was not expected to make the day. However, the movie got embraced by the film critics and the audience which was normally small. The movie had been written by the video store clerk called Daniel Waters. The first script had been longer and it featured even more violence. At first Waters wanted that Stanley Kubrick will be the one to direct his film. The high school had been named after a singer in a favorite band called Winona Ryders. The film was set to be starred in Ohio for over 3 seasons. Brad Pitt also auditioned for the J.D role in the movie.

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