Lorraine Martin 

Published : Jun 28 2017 | Modified : Jun 28 2017

Lorraine Martin was a woman with very high career graph. She is also the grandmother of Lydia Martin.

Personal life

Lorraine Martin was born in London. She belonged from an established family and both her parents held a stabilised position in their career. She was brought up with great care and was always taught to become independent and successful in her career. She always admired her parents and wanted to be like them, in life. She was a brilliant student from her early school days. She always preferred Science and Mathematics subjects to the other ones.

She also participated in the several science debates. Later, she achieved a bachelor’s degree from the DePauw University in Computational Mathematics subject and a Master's degree from Boston University in the Computer Science subject. She also carried on her several research works during her college years which helped her later to become a Lockheed Martin Certified Program Manager.

At the age of 26, she was able to achieve and set a good career for herself. After becoming the certified program manager, she was very happy as she was able meet up the expectations of her parents. After settling down in her career as a program manager, she chose a man of her choice whom she married. As she was a woman with a glorious career, she had achieved much success in her career which had increased her net worth.


Lorrianne Martin had a very glorious career. Martin’s first achievement in her career was becoming the Certified Program Manager, which was the result of her hard work. Through her educational life, she had researched a lot regarding her subjects of concentration which were mainly Science, Computer and Mathematics. It is due to wide knowledge gathered from the various researches which helped her to achieve a stable position in her career.

However, during her college years, she had also served the Air Force of United States as an officer. She had incredible leadership qualities which paved a path to achieve glory and success in career. She had also worked with various technological companies and was always offered leadership positions in a number of program development companies. She officially began her career in the year 1988 as the program manager of the company Unisys Defense Systems. She was mainly appointed for maintaining the security contracts and the F-23 Aircraft Programs.

Later in her career, due to her constant dedication and hard work, she achieved the position of Deputy Head and also the Vice President of the company. Martin has also worked with the Flight Solutions in the training department as the Vice President for operating special flights C-130 Aircrew Training, F-35 Lightning II, F-22 and F-15 for training purposes. Leaving the success behind that she had achieved on national grounds, she crosses the international boundaries. She signed several training contracts with the international companies. In the recent years 2010, she was also honoured by C-130 Programs as the Vice President of the company to take the responsibility of the developments and modifications of the company.

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