Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson  born Earvin Johnson Jr on 14th August 1959. He was born in Lansing Michigan of the United States. He was born to Christine Johnson and Earvin Johnson sr. He was raised in a large family. Altogether Johnson has nine brother and sisters. His father used to work in General Motors plant, and his mother was a school custodian. Both his parents worked hard to meet the need and requirements of their large family.

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For the twelve years of his playing career, the player ruled the court. He is one of the best players of America for 12 years. He attended Everett High School where he discovered his love for basketball. Johnson used to practice basketball everyday. He scored 36 points, 16 rebounds and 16 assists in a single game at his school after that he was given the nickname “Magic.”

After graduating from high school, he continued his passion for basketball and played for Michigan State University at college. Johnson has already grown 6 feet 9 inches tall, and his tall height always proved to be an advantage for his score during the game. During the freshman year, he helped his team Spartans earn the title Big Ten Conference. The following year, Spartans played against Indiana state Sycamores. This match was one the most memorable game in the history of basketball since Johnson faced Indiana star player Larry Bird. The Spartans took the victory in the match.

After the college days, Johnson made a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979. He was paid high salary by the LA Lakers. With the strong team members, he leads the Lakers to win over Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA finals. For his effort, he was awarded as “The Most Valuable Player Award” by the NBA. During 1981-82, the Loss Angeles Lakers again made it in the NBA finals, and for the second time, they defeated Philadelphia 76ers. For his amazing performance in the match, Johnson earned MVP award. In 1982-83, the Philadelphia defeated the LA Lakers and won the series.

He again faced Larry Bird who was in The Boston Celtics in 1984. The Celtics beat the Lakers, but in the following, the Lakers took the victory over Celtics. Throughout 1980, Johnson and his team were the number one of the NBA’s competitors. In the year 1987, Boston Celtics got defeated by the LA Lakers one more time and Johnson got awarded by the MVP awards for the third time. He even suffered from the hamstring injury during the 1989 seasons.

He married to Earlitha Kelly in the year 1991. The couple has three children, Earvin III Johnson, Elisa Johnson, and Andre Johnson. Magic Johnson was tested HIV positive in 1991 due to which he had to take the retirement from the LA Lakers. He suffered from the disease due to unprotected sexual activity. This time hard for Johnson since his wife was pregnant with his first child when he was denoised. Fortunately, his child and wife both were safe from HIV. He was surrounded by critics due to the disease. He established Magic Johnson Foundation. The foundation supported HIV and AIDS research. He also enjoys baseball and keep himself updated about the game though the fangraphs.

Magic Johnson is currently supporting the gay(homosexual) community, due to his first son Earvin III Johnson. Earvin III Johnson actively admits and accept his acttraction to the same sex. And as father Magic Johnson accepts and encourage this practice. 

After the retirement from the LA Lakers, Johnson created his empire in the business world with the net worth 0f 500$. Johnson has real estate holdings, the franchise of several Starbucks and movie theater. Johnson is also an author. And he's recently the G.M(general manager) of his former team the Los Angeles Lakers.  To raise awareness of HIV/ AIDS, he has written the book named “What You Can Do To Avoid Aids.” In 1992 Summer Olympics, he played with American “Dream Team.” The team won the gold medal. He wanted to continue his basketball career but dropped the idea since lacked support.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 14 Aug, 1959
Age: 60 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Lansing
residence: Lansing
Education: Everett High School
Michigan State University
Gender: Male
Description: American basketball player
Net Worth 2021: 600 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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