Malcolm Jamal

Malcolm Jamal was born on 18th August 1970 in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. He is a Actor, Musician and director since 1982 to date. He is best known for his roles in the NBC sitcom “The Coby Show” and “UPN” sitcom “Malcom and Eddie” and “Reed Between the lines” sitcom. He was raised by single mother Pamela who served as his manger.

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Malcolm showed interest in show business and at 9 years old he was enrolled at acting school. His acting career saw him graduate from professional children’s school in New York City, New York.  


He has appeared on films and television shows since he started his acting career at tender age. He acted in Coby Show” , “UPN” “Malcom and Eddie” and “Reed Between the lines” sitcoms. He starred in “The magic school bus” as well as “the fresh prince of bel air” . jamal has also directed several music videos such as the R&B group “Five star”, “I love you sentimental reasons” in 1994 and 1988 directed the warner “heartbreak” video.  He was also the directed of the teen movie “Time out; The truth about HIV, Aids and You” in 1992. He released his album “the miles mixape” in 2003 and in 2007 released second CD. He has also acted in 2011 “Reed between the line”.

The films that he has acted since 1987 are; 1987 Father Clement story, 1989 Mothers day,  1990 The real story of Itsy Bitsy spider, 1990 The earth day special, 1994 Drop Zone, 1995 Tyson, 1998 A fare to remember, 2001 Legend of the candy cane, 2001 15 Minutes, 2004 Reflections, 2006 The list, 2008 Fools gold, 2009, Contradictions of heart, 2011 King of underground, 2014 Muted, 2015 Megamind and 48 Hrs til Monday.

He has also been on following television series; 1982 Matt Houston, 1983 Fame, 1984 Call to glory, 1984 The cosby show, 1985 CBS Story break, 1987 Home alone, 1989 A different world and Tour of duty, 1990 Saturday morning videos, 1991 The fresh prince of Bel-air, 1993 Here and now, 1997 The magic school bus, 1995 Touched by an angel, 2000 Malcolm and Eddie, 1999 sliders, 2002 Static, 2002 Lyric café, 2004 Jeremiah and Stripprella, 205 Llisten up, 2006 Dexter among others and the recent ones are; 2013 Key & Peele, 2014 The Michael J.Fox show, 2014 to date Major crimes, 2014 Sons of anarchy and 2014 American horror story; freak show.

Personal Life

He is not married and has no children but he was in relationship with Karen Malina White for over seven years. He was also in relationship with Michelle Thomas who was his co-actor in the Cosby show. At 44

Social Media

Most of the celebrities are in social media but Jamal is very active in social and has big fans that are following him. This could be because of combination of is acting and the fact that he is single he attracts large number of female fans as well as male. In twitter and Instagram he commands thousands of followers for example he has 242 thousands followers on twitter and has tweeted more than 4 thousand tweets. Also in Instagram he has over 50 thousands followers. He is fond of posting shirtless pictures as well videos on his Instagram.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 18 Aug, 1970
Age: 49 yrs
Occupations: Television actor
Film actor
Film producer
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Jersey City
Gender: Male
Description: American actor, director and musician
Net Worth 2021: 6 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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