Mary Mary

 Four time Grammy award winning American contemporary gospel duo Mary Mary is known for two Christian sisters who are often credited for their inspiring and mood boosting Billboard and Top Gospel Albums hits such as Thankful (platinum), Incredible (gold), Mary Mary (gold), Something  big and Go Get It.

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Born in Inglewood, California, US to a religious family, sisters duo "Erica Monique Atkins" and "Trecina Evette Akkins", who are both on their 40's as of 2016, has been taking the American urban contemporary gospel industry by storm since 2000.  

What makes them different is their understanding of diverse genres including soul music hip hop jazz, and funk. Sister Erica Campbell and sister Tina Campbell are both well known figures in American urban contemporary gospel, Christian R&B, and contemporary R&B.

As a duo they are certainly one unstoppable force of nature. However, they haven't limited themselves to shared popularity. Both are also known for their solo careers.

Sister Erica started her solo career in 2013. On the other hand, Sister Tina's solo career started in 2014. Amazingly, both enjoys Billboard and Top Gospel Albums solo hits. More precisely, Erica is also known for her hit solo albums "Help" which won her Grammy Award in 2015, and "Help 2.0". Nevertheless, sister Tina is also known for her hit NAACP award winning solo album "It's Personal".

The sisters were destined to be musicians and singers, as their mother Thomasina Atkins practiced at the Evangelistic Church of God in Christ  as an Evangelist and Choir Director, and their father Eddie A. Atkins practiced as the same church as an Elder and Gang/Youth Counselor.

The sisters started their singing journey when both of them were young girls.  In 1998, on their 20's, they came to limelight when their songs were featured on reputed movies such as "Dr. Dolittle" and The "Prince of Egypt." Prior to Mary Mary, they had enjoyed their childhood as church choirplus travelling gospel singer, studied voice at El Camino College as teens and toured with a varity of R&B singers  as back up singers.

Now moving on to their physique, sister Erica  possesses a not so tall height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Whereas, sister Tina is 4 inches tall than Erica. Moreover, sister Tina, who is 41 as of 2016, is 2 years younger than Erica.

However, both sisters enjoys magnetic curvaceous body.  Erica enjoys an impressive curvaceous body with magnetic body measurements of  36-27-32 inches. On the other hand, Tina's exact body measurements are not known. Anyway, both wears tight and hot outfits inspite being a gospel singers. Nevertheless, both have lost weights in the past.

Talking about their relationship status, both sister are married to their respective husband. If you may Eirca's boyfriend of two years turned husband since 2001 is no other than music producer Warryn Campbell.  On the other hand, Tina is married to boyfriend turned husband since 2000 Teddy Campbell, who  is an executive producer of the duos' reality tv show Mary Mary.

If you aren't aware, both Erica and Tina grew up as part of  a large family of nine children in Ingewood. Intrestingly, both sisters enjoy a large family of their own. More precisely, Erica and Warryn have three children, and Tina and Teddy have 5.

Impressively both sisters are speculated to be worth around 10 million US dollars each. Riches, confidence, humility and tradition, the sisters have it all.

Unfortunately, life is not as simple as it seems. Sister Tina was enjoying a peaceful life with her family and children until she found out that her husband cheated on her for many time. Suprisingly the cheating scandal haunts her in the reality show like a ghost. However, she forgives her husband considering the life of her children. Moreover, the couple also went though load of outside assistance and spiritual councelling to save their marriage.  

Last but not the least, the duo name Mary-Mary is derived from two famous Marys from the Bible; Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and Mary Magdalene, a Jesus follower who witnessed his crucifixion and resurrection. Clearly, it will sure be interesting to see the duo getting back together. However, Sister Tina  is not sure if she wants the reunion at this point of her career. Reports have it that Erica and Warryn are pondering to replace Tina if she doen't comply with the group's contract obligations.  

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